Sarah Whiddon

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Hello All, 
As a fellow camp counselor, I am so excited about the fun atmosphere, the depth, and the breadth of learning that is possible at Camp Makery. Lauren and I actually met at Eagle Lake Camp in the Colorado Rockies, and have pursued a continual commitment to spur one another on, toward love and good deeds ever since.

I am a small-town, Southern, girl who likes sweet tea and terms more than one person as “y’all”. It makes me happy when my non-Southern friends (which are almost everyone except my hubby) put that fantastically southern word in their lexicon! It’s good to know great ideas are spreading around the world!

I spent my childhood with my two sisters, but, my twin sister and I shared almost exclusively the same life experiences. We dreamed of traveling the entire world in 80 days, sailing on a pirate ship, and all of those other childhood dreams like getting married and having kids. When I finally did say, “I do”, I left my first grade classroom in the Deep South to live abroad, where I’ve resided ever since.

My husband and I’s new life began in Italy, where I discovered the enchantment of another culture, language, and people. Being just the two of us, we started fresh (new country, language, customs, new everything pretty much) and deepened our relationship by laughing at mishaps, crying over struggles, and experiencing new places. Once I got a taste of a different way of life, there has been no looking back!

Fast forward two continents and three countries later, I am still learning how to raise a family abroad; travel with young kids; and live by grace. While my Southern Roots still tug at my heart, most days I trade my iced sweet tea for a glass of old world, red, wine. I miss my family immensely, but am blessed by numerous relationships and communities that have graciously helped us through the struggles of starting a young family abroad; away from all of the things we’ve ever known or cherished. Both of my daughter’s first “greeting” to strangers was in a language different than our own; representative of life I live and love. I’m just so thankful I’ve been given the opportunity to share it here, with all of you!