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Hi Ya’ll!

Would I say that creating runs thru my veins? Absolutely! I was raised in the countryside of South Georgia, a place of uncompromising beauty. It’s always given me a sense of place, as its wilds have stayed with me even as I have grown. I know for certain that my love for making meaningful gifts with mounding intention, comes from my family—memories of gardening with my grandmother and crafting during the holidays with my mother and sister. I am fascinated with the rough hand of nature; positively convinced, that my roots continue to draw me to the uncultivated organic world, classic design, and unconventional materials.

In 2012, I transitioned from hobbyist to professional, when I assumed ownership of a little 48 year-old landmark flower boutique, called the Colonial House. I believe the spirit of my grandmother’s creativity and ability to resourcefully create something sophisticated; flutters through my every intention. She and I once foraged wild Queen Ann’s Lace alongside an interstate to bring home for planting, and I’ve loved unceremonious materials ever since. This stately, woman prefers lichen and hand-plucked pine cones with her silver service. I, too, tend to focus on a timeless, elegance that is ethereal and moody. She sings a whisper I love to hear.

My family is my joy. In the fall of 2007 I married a childhood friend, Brian, who I met in kindergarten. Brian is a handsome, peaceful, supportive, redheaded, soul, with one mission in life; to make the world a greater place. When I seek hard to find materials, research farms, and look for exceptional blossoms, he is right beside me. He piles his truck with broken palm leaves I forage, plants heirloom eucalyptus trees given to me by my grandmother, and even built a fabulous marquee for my shop windows. We live in a charming 110 year old house with our six-year old, Beatrice, who wants to be a ballerina, play a pink violin, and serve food to needy people. We have a four-year old, Whitaker, who is about the sweetest boy on the planet, and a very old Labrador retriever named Barry, who has a b-line to my heart. My children are my daily source of inspiration. 


Seasonally relevant flowers, branches, and fruit, are the true medium of my art. Sharing is my craft and I am so lucky to find myself in a position to marry my talents and passions. I’m ever thankful for my grandmother who always sent me into the garden, who brought me a found plant as a gift, and taught me to dig bulbs, grow cuttings, and stop at random roadside stands on family travels. My mom, dad, and sister, have always believed in me, and my husband has been a constant source of praise and encouragement at all times! And though I studied journalism at the University of Georgia, I believe I am in my life’s true work, as I continue to help people bring simple beauty into their own lives—helping them create things that are sensual and evocative.