WTH is Raindrop Therapy Massage & Why I Love It

Annual New Year's explorations & goals for me always include one to “maintain or improve my health." Around 8 years ago, I began researching what keeps a body healthy, or adjunctive therapies, to restore our bodies back to what we consider good baseline health. I expected the same answers I had learned in nursing school decades ago.  Silly me! The Information Age of how to heal our bodies has exploded!

What led me to the "restoring health probe" were the nagging childhood illnesses and sports injuries my kids were experiencing. In addition, my husband has issues with injuries from high school and college sports, and I face my own challenges in attempting to keep my Crohn's Disease in remission.  I was kind-of a mom-on-a-mission. Our family's health journey is a post in and of itself…or at the very least, a loooooong novelette, with many happy endings.

The point here being, having a family member who is sick or injured is usually a call to action.  In my "wisening-season" of life, I try to look at new things with curiosity. Whereas, in days past, I would normally see a new treatment or technique and think to myself, "That will NEVER work!"  Hence the saying: Older and wiser!

Once a month, I'll try to share some of the things I've learned in my personal experiences and research adventures about the body. Specifically, restoring health and balance to the complex systems that make up our miraculous Self.  It's an ongoing journey we all are on, of course, and during my years in the nursing field, I have seen some health challenges that have had no cures or remissions. But when you can alleviate some discomfort and maintain some quality of life, then I consider that a victory!

This month, let's take a look at Raindrop Therapy.

The Origin:

This process was derived by Don Gary Young, the owner of Young Living Essential Oils.

The Technique:  

The "dropping" of therapeutic-grade oils along the spine, which are then worked into the skin with feather-like strokes and massage. The oils are also applied to the soles of feet and to the shoulders for reinforced benefits.

The Oils

Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Cypress, Wintergreen, Peppermint, Marjoram

The Benefits

1.  Reduces pain (Good-bye rolled ankle pain from snow-skiing. OK, so the pain isn't totally gone, but it is soooooo much better!)

2.  Helps relieve stress, & increases emotional well-being (This is my favorite benefit so far.)  Like everyone else, I live a crazy, hectic life.  After this treatment, I leave feeling relaxed and at peace with whatever the day/evening/night/week may bring. I think this could help immensely with P.M.S., mid-life hormonal shifts, etc. I mean, this is what I have heard....and I surely don't have a personal testimonial here. :)

 3.   Relaxes muscles (My shoulders relaxed back into their anatomically correct position. My upper back & shoulder blades fall into place, and I have to instruct my arms to reach up for the steering wheel, just to drive home.)

 4.  Helps reduce inflammation (Back to that snow-skiing rolled ankle...much better!)

  5.  Helps improve circulation (I would say this is a given.  Back when I was working as a nurse in medical centers, it was part of mandatory patient care to give massages to increase circulation which would accelerate healing, and in general, just make a patient feel better in every sense of the word.)

6.  Helps detox the body (I drank lots and lots of water afterwards, as instructed, to help my body get rid of toxins.  This is a waaaaay more relaxing way to detox than to do a green-juice diet!)

7.  Helps improve immune function (I felt run-down and flu-ish when I went in, but when I woke up the next day, I felt back to my normal self.)

 A pretty impressive list for immediate gratification, and on-going benefits!

Places Available:

 1. Almost anywhere they offer massages

 2. Spas

 3. Some chiropractic offices

 4. Some acupuncture offices

 5. In some locales, they will even come to your home and do the application.

 6. Almost anywhere they offer holistic, naturopathic healthcare

Prices vary from practitioner to practitioner, but usually it can range for $70.00 on up. The price includes the feathering-massage application, which can last anywhere from 50-90 minutes.      

My Take-Away After Trying It:

Well, as I'm known to say when sipping a Fall Pumpkin Latte....
"......Is it just me, or are there angels singing???"  Translated, that means, it was so fabulous and relaxing that I thought I might be in Heaven!  Every muscle is relaxed. Every stressful thought or feeling has vanished or has become muted.  It seemed conducive to sleep for me, so I wouldn't advise it in the middle of a workday. :) I was impressed enough that I ordered a home kit from Young Living.  But, sadly, no family members seems willing to watch the dvd and be my raindrop applier!  Siiiiiigh!  So, I tried it out on the manly men of my household, and none of them would publicly admit that they felt anything....but  if I pressed them, they would admit that they felt very "tired" afterwards (Heavens, they wouldn't want to admit that it felt good, or that they were relaxed!!). However, my son-in-law tried it while visiting at Christmas under the impression that it was just a normal massage, and had a really profound experience. He was totally blissed out for the next 36 hours and said he felt so relaxed, like a noddle, and like he was in a happy trance. He was so relaxed he forgot to pack his wallet 2 days later when we left to take him and my daughter back to the airport (don't worry, we were able to go back and get it and make the flight in time).

Here are some sound Apps to create your own Raindrop Therapy ambience!

Ambient Nature Sounds

Nature Music

What health trend have you explored that worked for you?  If you have been brave enough to try R.T.M., then please share how you felt afterwards, on our Facebook page!