What the Heck are Essential Oils & How They Changed My Life!

My introduction to the world of more natural alternatives came when I was trying to get pregnant a couple of years ago. It’s quite the story, but the short version is that I was diagnosed with a somewhat inexplicable infertility issue while trying to conceive unsuccessfully for almost a year. We were told that we would most likely need fertility treatment to get pregnant and we were left with little hope. Devastated and confused, I began to extensively research fertility issues and I decided to make some changes to my lifestyle and incorporate more natural alternatives and healthy habits. I noticed a significant change in my body and cycle. And then, three months later, as we were about to head into the doctor to discuss infertility treatment, we found out we were pregnant!
This experience helped me realize that many of the things that we put into our bodies can greatly affect it’s ability to function properly. I have gained a whole new appreciation for the world of natural alternatives and ultimately, this is why I jumped on the essential oils train. After my daughter was born I was hoping to find some natural options to care for my family and a friend shared about her amazing experience with Young Living essential oils for her stress and postpartum challenges. So, I finally decided to check them out. Well, let me tell you…
Best. Decision. Ever.
How Essential Oils Have Changed My Family’s Life:
Essential oils have transformed the way my family does health and wellness. So, what do we use them for? Pretty much everything! Since we started using these oils, we get more restful sleep, have an effective way to support our immune systems all-year round, natural ways to help occasional stress, muscle pain and soreness, allergy symptoms, tummy troubles, headaches, skin issues and my husband’s blood pressure is now lower than it has ever been! They are game changers…no, LIFE CHANGERS. I could go on…I mean, we even clean our house with oils!! They are the first line of defense against everything in our home. It gives me great comfort knowing that I have a safe, natural and effective way to care for my family.
So, What the Heck are They and How Do They Work?
Basically, essential oils are volatile and aromatic oils extracted from plants (the stuff that gives plants their life) that are then cold pressed or distilled to create an aromatic compound. They are extremely concentrated and, when used safely and appropriately, essential oils can have incredible therapeutic effects. Essential oils have tiny molecules, which allows them to penetrate our cells and actually repair damage and remove toxins from our body! Crazy right? They can be used topically, aromatically through a diffuser or internally. This isn’t just talk, either. This is scientifically proven stuff! Check out more about the science of these oils and the growing body of research behind them here.
Why I Chose Young Living:
Honestly, I hadn’t heard about many oil companies before buying them, but I had heard of Young Living and their great reputation. After some research and talking with some oil users, I realized the importance of buying quality oils, free of synthetic ingredients and that is exactly why I chose them. Firstly, Young Living has been in the business for over 20 years, and to me, this says that they have had the time to perfect the science of essential oil making. They have a reputation for producing 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils. They are extremely transparent about the entire extraction and distillation process and they guarantee it with their Seed to Seal promise. I mean, the fact that they actually allow people to visit their farms to watch their process is as honest and open as you can get! Plus, now I have seen them in action and how effective they are and I wouldn’t trade them for the world!
I Want Oils! Where Can I Get Them?
You can learn how to start your oily journey with me here! I LOVE sharing oils with people and helping educate them about how to use them safely and appropriately, so I would be happy to help get you started!
top image and second image source via Essentially Alex