Valentine's Day Champagne Glass Markers

I was trying to think of ways to dress up plain champagne or wine glasses for my table scape for my Valentine’s dinner in. I thought of etching my glasses, but then they would be permanently altered. So I thought it would be easy to make drink makers by using gold hoop earrings and various crystals and pearls from the jewelry section of my craft store. I was shocked at how simple these were, and I created something special and unique in about 5 minutes. 


  • Hoop Earrings
  • Various Crystals/Pearls of your choice
  • Needle Nose Plyers


1.     With your needle nose plyers bend the latch on the hoop earrings to form a complete circle. This way the beads string on the hoop easily, otherwise you may fight getting it past the bend of the earring.

2.     Thread your beads of choice in whatever type of pattern you would like.

3.     Use your needle nose plyers to bend the latch back, and secure around the bottom of champagne glasses. 


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