Valentine's Day Arrangement DIY with Pottery Barn

There’s nothing that makes me happier than creating flower arrangements for my friends - especially this time of year because my brain is in overplay and heart is on fire! It’s February in a flower shop. It’s time for Cupid’s little magic arrow. Finally, I can give in to my secret love for pinks, reds and whites. Plus I can celebrate the people who mean the most.  It’s the perfect excuse to show everyone around you how much you care.


Irving Architectural Vase

Tuscan Terra Cotta Vase

  • Flowers in different textures and shapes, silk or real (love these silk Peony Stems White and Mini Tulip BND White that will stay beautiful all year long!)

  • Various ribbon and cards


1. Choose container:
The vase really sets the tone for how your arrangement will be perceived. Go for the unusual, something that’s a keepsake. I chose these containers because they all say something different - romantic, playful, flirty, sincere, really heartfelt. Think outside the box. I’m sure you can find something to be given to anyone you admire. Or, as Amanda honestly smiles while holding a bundle of PB Faux Peonies, “who needs a vase? this is my favorite just like this!”



2. Pick your flowers:
Solid colors always look great together. Faux tulips are a classic stunner and so are a dozen fresh roses.  “But not everything has to be a tight and compact” Tristan says. Floral mixes with pops of color are easy for first timers too. Find something you really love then choose clusters to match. She beamed as she gave away the recipe inspired by her favorite Pottery Barn Poppy Botanical Print Pillow. Using her recipe as a base with all the different textures, shapes and sizes it’s no wonder it’s so pretty all together in the bowl!  


Tristan’s Olive You Sweetpea! Flower Recipe

It’s so Sweet + Fruity everyone will love it!

  1. PB Mini White Faux Tulip (Who knew?!)

  2. Red Ranunculus

  3. Berries picked from the yard or park

  4. Dusty Miller

  5. Lisianthus

  6. Blackberries

  7. Olive Branch

  8. Blush Ranuculous

  9. Anemone

  10. Scabiosa

  11. White Sweetpea

3. Add a touch of whimsy:
Ribbon or a card really shape and share the love story. Put it on there! Whether flirty or sweet what is on the vase  - or not speaks volumes. The Pottery Barn Bosphorus Clear Bowl nor the Irving Architectural Vase need a thing. Both announce:  you are marvelous! But striped ribbon added to the Pottery Barn The Alice Floral Cut Glass must be the most creative way to say “My heart blooms when I think of you!” And a ribbon, hand written note or gold foil card atop the Large Recycled Vase from Pottery Barn Jacksonville? Without a doubt all say, this is the type of love worth celebrating.

4. Pair it right:

Finally, quickly pair your flower arrangement with something thoughtful like coffee in a mug for a pick me up, a heart shaped cookie in a candy dish, tasty truffle, fancy candle for a powder room or my absolute favorite go to - a bottle of Cameron Hughes Wine.



The Happy Bloom captured the details in a way that passed our wildest dreams and it has everything to do with his incredible eye plus beautiful Savannah home, family, friendly advise, pretty Pottery Barn vases and flowers, and the laughter only girls who share their stories know how. I knew it. I knew we’d find a whole new way to say I am thinking of you; a whole new level of Valentine style.


You know how much I love details, flower and good times. Making flower arrangements alongside experts, your sister, your friends or all by yourself is totally doable. I did it. So can you! In fact, it doesn’t matter who the love of you life is - you’ll have such a unique, unforgettable, personal gift that will be treasured for years to come. Recipients will be smiling knowing that over all the flowers in the vase you’d pick them any day! Happy Valentine’s Day!

There's no denying, beautiful blooms are my favorite way to communicate. They’re perfect! It doesn’t matter if they’re real or faux, whether groupings of the same bud or a big mix. Arranging them is really simple and satisfying. Plus the botanicals and vessels from Pottery Barn have me totally in the mood. So I grabbed my sister, Amanda and Megan who both work in the flower shop with me to visit our favorite stylist Tristan, who we all adore.  Plus they share my same deep rooted obsession for making, giving and beautiful things. When we mix in coffee and wine you know, it’s always a good time.

Photography: The Happy Bloom

Flowers: Colonial House of Flowers

Styling: Tristan Needham

Wine: Cameron Hughes Wine

Coffee: Coolbeanz Espresso

Calligraphy: Paperzest

Cookies: Two Smart Cookies

Location: Savannah, Georgia