The Ultimate Valentine's Party: Dainty Teacup Ring Favors!

Itty bitty teacup jewelry! So cute. And so easy. And who doesn't love something so unabashedly girly? (Plenty of people, but they're probably not reading this. So . . . yay for dainty goodness!) These teacup rings were definitely a hit at our soiree, and I'm way excited to showcase this quick and nearly effortless idea for party favors as we continue our Ultimate Girls' Valentine's Party bonanza! (Thank goodness for miss Haley Sheffield for capturing it all so beautifully; I could stare at her work for ages! Especially when she's photographing florals by Juli Vaughn Designs.)

Ready to find out how to create a dainty, sweet, simple little gift that requires an absurdly tiny amount of time for assembly? Read on, sweetlings!



I can't stress enough how easy this is. Creating one ring takes about 2 minutes - not counting drying time. It's perfect for a last-minute thank you or no-reason-at-all gift! Per usual, I've scavenged on Amazon for supplies, but these can all be found at craft stores like Michael's or Joanne's. Take your pick of any miniature tea set you can find (some of my favorites are here, here and here. Little hearts on that last link. Eee!). Feel free to branch out with any dollhouse miniatures you like - a little teeny tiny fruit tart or steak dinner ring would be way awesome on your buddies' fingers. There are miniature burgers out there, too. Can you tell I skipped breakfast this morning? Put ALL OF THE FOOD on rings! 

Step 1: Once you've got your supplies together, simply wedge the band of the ring into your flat foam base, ensuring that the wide ring base sticks out evenly above it. 
Step 2: Add a small dot of E6000 adhesive in the center of the ring base, then place a miniature saucer on top.
Step 3: Repeat step 2 by placing adhesive on the saucer and stacking the teacup on top. Let it sit to dry evenly (a few hours is more than enough), then you can wrap it up however you see fit!

I had fun tearing up some cotton balls and placing them inside these adorable heart-shaped boxes (with glitter heart stickers on top) as a little nest for that precious jewelry, but there are a wealth of options when it comes to favor boxes! (Some of my favorite alternatives are here and here.) And that's it! So speedy to make and so easily customizable! (EVERYTHING comes in miniature form - just ask dollhouse fantatics. My mother has a miniature jock strap in her dollhouse's closet. And she's proud of that.) This zippy lil' project is sure to make its recipient (and its creator!) feel full of warm fuzzies. And doesn't the world need more of those? So get to gluin'!

What variations would you come up with for your own girlfriends? Suggest ideas on our Facebook page or share your creations on Instagram; tag us @CampMakery with the hashtag #daintyladyrings!