Time to Shine: Glittery + Smoky Holiday Eyes

It's not subtle. But, for glitter, it's still . . . kinda subtle? Let's chat about this elaborately named piece of holiday joy I'm sharing today!

Holiday parties are some of my favorite events of the year. As a makeup artist, by November or December I've survived wedding season (a feat worth celebrating for sure) and I'm absolutely ready to shed my utilitarian workday makeup and glam myself into a creature like no other. And when I think about celebration, my magpie brain immediately dreams of sparkliness. Good thing the holidays are our best excuse all year to dust our lids in glittery goodness!

My biggest rule of thumb when it comes to non-editorial sparkly makeup is balance. The texture's not exactly natural to begin with, so if you're going for a sophisticated take on shiny just keep the colors fairly neutral and they won't compete with that glittery finish. Balance also applies to smoky looks; if you've got a strong eye, it's a natural tendency to go with a low-key lip. Makes sense! But if you go too pale or nude, your face can lose some balance and proportion, and it can come off slightly terrifying in the photos your friends will be uploading to Instagram or Facebook. I chose red lips because, c'mon, holidays - but you can absolutely still go the nude/brown/pink route; just make sure there's enough pigment in your product to stand up to all that smoky. Tarte's matte lipsurgence in Exposed is a great example of a nude lip color that doesn't disappear into your skin. 

This look can take some practice. Not gonna lie. But it's also infinitely easier than you might think - all it takes is feeling comfortable with blocking and blending, and then you can toss this on with a LBD and be party-ready in no time! 


  • Shadow base or primer: here I'm using Maybelline's Color Tattoo cream shadow in Tough as Taupe
  • Eyeshadows: 1 dark shade for your crease and outer corner, 1 warm brown contouring shade, 1 highlighting shade
  • Neutral glitter: Make Up For Ever's diamond powders and/or glitters are great, but I'm featuring Bobbi Brown's Sparkle Eyeshadow in Taupe
  • Dark eyeliner pencil: I'll never not recommend Urban Decay's 24/7 in Zero
  • Mascara and/or false lashes
  • Your favorite lip color: here I'm working with MAC's Pro Longwear in Extended Play
  • Brushes: 1 large shading brush, 1 large tapered blending brush, 1 standard blending brush, 1 small tapered blending brush for highlights



Step 1: we're beginning with a prepped face (primer, foundation/concealer and blush). Now use your large shading brush or your fingertip to apply your shadow base all over your lid, stopping at the crease.

Step 2: wipe your brush off and use it with your darkest shadow shade to create a ">" shape at the outer corner of each eye. No need to be 100% precise, because we're about to blend that sucker into oblivion.

Step 3: using a clean large tapered blending brush, blend your dark shadow until it's nicely diffused.

Step 4: now grab your standard blending brush and gently swirl a soft brown shadow into the crease - it helps to warm things up and keeps any dark lines from appearing too harsh

Step 5: dampen your large shading brush and use its flat side to press your glitter shade onto your lid. (Working with a wet brush ups the intensity of the shade and also keeps it from dusting all over your cheeks.)

Step 6: trace your upper lash lines with your dark eyeliner pencil. My eyes are the size of footballs (one of my favorite people used that descriptor and I'm owning it), so I like to wing it slightly at the outer corners, but your stopping point is entirely up to you. Be sure to be gentle on that sensitive skin!

Step 7: now line the bottom outer corners of your eyes.

Step 8: using your small tapered blender, apply your lightest shadow shade as a highlight on your browbone and the inner corners of your eyes.

Step 9: lash out! I'm using Ardell Naturals demi wispies here because I love me some lashes, but two coats of Maybelline's The Falsies can add plenty of impact all on its own.

(When working with glitter, it's always a good idea to use a makeup setting spray to avoid fallout; my favorite is Urban Decay's All Nighter.)

Add your favorite lip color and there you have it! The perfect amount of shimmer and light for wintry nights. 



Give it a try? Love the results? Share/show off a pic of your finished look on Camp Makery's facebook page and let us know how you fared, darlings!


Sparkily yours,