Skinny Funfetti Cake Batter Dip

Sometimes I just get a craving for that classic birthday cake taste that comes in a box. I think it must be the childhood nostaglia that makes it still taste so yummy?  Even after tasting all the gourmet cupcakes that northern California has to offer, I still love the classic white cake mix taste. And let's be honest - the batter is the best part. This is a fun way to cut straight to the chase and enjoy the batter - as a dip! It tastes just like the normal raw batter pretty much, but no danger of eating raw eggs and it's a little lighter and slightly healthier since it has the coolwhip and yogurt added to it. There is no doubt this isn't what I (or our nutritionist Tiffany) would call a "healthy snack," but it's better than eating a whole tray of cupcakes (which usually means you're eating the frosting too) and it's fine for a special treat just every now and then! 

- 1 box white cake mix with sprinkles
- 1 cup lite cool whip
- 2 cups fat free plain yogurt (I used vanilla, I think either is fine)

- to dip: animal crackers, strawberries, and/or Nilla wafers (pick your fave or try out all 3)

Step 1:

Pour the bag of cake mix, yogurt, and cool whip into bowl and stir until combined. Chill for a few hours in the fridge or enjoy immediately. That's it!

Serve it on a chip and dip bowl for a fun presentation. I also poured extra sprinkles on top to make it look even more festive and fun and like cake batter. 


Serve it with animal crackers, strawberries, animal crackers, or just spoon ;)

Basically everything tastes pretty good dipped in cake batter so let your imagination run wild with dipping options!

Artist's note: Versions of this recipe have been going around the blogosphere for some time now, and I won't pretend that I'm the original creator of it. While recipes actually can't be copyrighted - I would like to give credit for the inspiration of this post to what I think might be the first blog it appeared on - Little Bitty Bakes - who posted a recipe version meant for individual servings in 2011.

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