Quick DIY Christmas Gift for Your Friends!

Gift buying season is in full force as we near Christmas! And with an even shorter holiday season this year who isn't in need of a quick DIY gift idea?
Today I'm showing you how to make simple headbands out of wire-less ribbon!


  • ribbon
  • elastic
  • measuring tape
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun

Take your ribbon and measure out 17inches. I used my own head as a reference, making sure the ribbon would go behind both of my ears. Cut 5.5 inches of elastic and set aside.
Fold over and glue a small hem on each end of the ribbon to hide the raw edge. With a small dot of glue attach the elastic on the inside of the ribbon on both ends. For wider ribbon use 2 pieces of elastic. Hold the elastic to the ribbon with thumb and forefinger until cooled to ensure a strong bond.

Thats IT!! In about 10 minutes you have some cute gifts to give away! I had such a blast picking out ribbon that reminded me of each of my friend's style.

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