Prairie Harvest Inspired Wedding Ideas with Free People

It started out because we wanted to do something with beautiful Claire Pettibone Gowns and Free People accesories, but it ended up being a love song to our home state of Kansas. We found ourselves shooting on nature preserves with real buffalo, elk antlers, arrowheads, golden wheat fields, and at histoical museums with real pioneer homes and props like boots & buffalo hides from the 1800′s. The photographer, Chelsea Mitchell, and I have often asked ourselves what a wedding would have looked like in the time of Wyatt Earp, and the days of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Women. For lack of a better term, we went back to our ‘grass roots’ and drew inspiration heavily from that era. We were very lucky to have Claire Pettibone ship three wonderful gowns to us, two from her Windsor Rose China Collection and the third from the Beau Monde Collection. To see the gorgeous rustic tablescape this shoot inspired, check out this post here.
Chelsea Mitchell Photography | | | 805.722.9920
Claire Pettibone (Wheat Field Shots: "Fleur De Jour", Buffalo Shots: "Grace", Limestone wall and Horn Chair: "Abbey") | |
ACCESSORIES Crochet Barefoot sandals, Gold Circlet, Concho Ring Wrap Bracelet, Feather Headdress, and Suede and feather tie (wrapped around bouquet in lieu of ribbon) all by Free People. Gladiator sandals by Jeffrey Campbell, bolt suede necklace by Marisa Haskell, Wheat Crown by Lauren Weems
PROPS: Genuine Antique Buffalo Hide, lantern, antler/horn chair, limestone pioneer house, pioneer's bonnet, pioneer's boots all circa 1890 provided by Barton Country Historical Society. Buffalo, the buffalo skull, and elk antler shot at the Maxwell Wildlife Preserve in Kansas
HAIR and MAKE-UP:  Evann Stueder
MODEL:  Andriel Prewitt 
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