Pineapple Lavender Cocktail

At our farewell to summer party we had recently, we wanted to find a cocktail to serve that was a little unusual but would also still be a crowd pleaser. One of my friends who is a total foodie recommended something combining lavender and pineapple juice and I thought, that sounds perfect! Adding lavender as a flavor to foods and drinks is still fairly new to me but I love it! Especially since here in northern California where we have so much lavender that grows well, it was easy for me to go pick some of my own from my garden and experiment with making this cocktail. If any of your friends are pregnant (like me and oodles of my girlfriends right now), it still made a delicious party beverage to serve without the vodka. This drink definitely kept everyone cool and refreshed at the party, and even though summer is over, it's still quite hot in a lot of parts of the USA (like here!), so this is still sounding really yummy! 


Pour lavender syrup in a highball glass. 
Next, add the vodka. 
Fill the glass with ice. 
Top with pineapple juice. 
Stir as you drink so taht you ge the combination of allthe flavors! A rinsed lavender sprig makes a great stir stick, or these cute ones you can DIY would also be great! 

Photography by Christina Richards

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