Our 7 Money-Saving Secrets for a Perfect Party

I’ve totally reached that part of the year where every single person I know is engaged. With the daybook overflowing with weddings which means showers, bachelorettes and parties aplenty, you know that I’m crazy about the effortless, intimate, outside, relaxed and absolutely fabulous ones that anyone can do on any budget. Trust me every single time they ask, “how do I get this style on a budget?” my answer is always the same. Go and get yourself some flowers. Plus a friend or two. Then some wine. Weave these things into everything you can think of and you’ve got it! Instantly fun details will emerge from the chaos plus it will have personality, thoughtful pieces of pretty everywhere and epic stories to rehash over breakfast the next day.

The secrets to styling party perfection on even the eenciest allowance is right here in a way that’s believe-it-or-not so stylishly chic and easy you’re gonna cry. Which is no surprise, since Alva & Austrie and The Glitter Life, joined Colonial House of Flowers to illustrate the fine points with Izzy Hudgins capturing every whimisical, fun, eezy-breezy tiding.

Check back tomorrow for two awesome projects from this party - "DIY: Modern Twist on a Wrist Corsage" & "How to Make a Picture Perfect Centerpiece"!

Secret 1:
Flowers. Use tons of them on halos and dogs and well, everything. And arrange them yourself such as garlands from backyard clippings.  We did! Or use a favorite object to create a centerpiece with your friends. This colorful number on the
Pottery Barn Vintage Wood Carved Cake Stand is handmade with a bunch of girlfriends. Darling, right? Plus it can be a hostess gift.

Secret 2:
Corsage. Make your own with silk flowers like this one so they’ll last long after the wedding. Love it!  These handmade details can even be used for your mom, grandmother or bridesmaids instead of bouquets on the wedding day. With tons of styles you’ve got to see how these are made in the DIY (below).

Secret 3:
Decor. Find stuff you have around your house that’s perfect for the party. Forgo stressing over matching china, mix and match several designs of bowls, plates, and glasses. The effect is a whimsical, totally approachable kind of charm that’s warm and inviting.




Secret 4:
Clever Paper Signs. Adding signs gives a crisp, modern, and refined element to the environment. It’s true. Everyday items like Kraft paper and paint offer an artistic flair that doesn’t break the bank. Dress up things by putting the writing on the wall -
or fresh cut greens or even a Riddling Rack Succulent Stand.



Secret 5:
Drinks.  Alcohol is a major expense. Instead of buying bottles of different varieties pick a signature drink for the night. That way, you only have to purchase one or two types of alcohol. Specifically make a selection that’s within your budget. No one will know (promise!). I love Cameron Hughes Wine for exactly this reason - exceptional price, high quality that’s appealing to everybody on the list.


*By the way, cocktail parties are less expensive and versatile compared to sit-down affairs that require meals, dishes, flatware, linens and serving pieces.



Secret 6: Eats. Filet of beef? Please. Instead of serving full size entrees, try offering an array of small size eats - you’ll save a lotta dough on your food budget. Be inventive with food choices (hey I snuck in Brownie Brittle from my sister’s pantry here!). Even consider labeling the party a “recipe exchange” where guests bring salads and desserts while you provide the main dish to limit costs.



Secret 7: Containers. It’s rare for me to meet a vessel that I do not like, throw in different shapes and sizes galore and I could cry.   Put baskets, vases and votives everywhere. You can even send some of these home with guests. Re-purposing is so perfect.  My only question is why didn’t I bring more?





By using these tips for your own, getting creative with food, decor, friends and flowers you can throw party a that is all that of a pricier fete. The best part? There will be more money for the honeymoon!



Photography: Izzy Hudgins Photography

Get the look with Pottery Barn Galvanized Metal Wagon Party Bucket, Beachcomber Wood Handle Basket, Vintage Wood Carved Cake Stand, Riddling Rack Succulent Stand, Varigated Petal Succulent Stem,

Location Selection & Hand lettering: Alva & Austrie

Flower Selection: Mark Jackson, Cutflower Atlanta

Flowers farm: Rosaprima Roses

Flower Garland, Centerpiece & Halo: Amanda Currier & Christy Hulsey Colonial House of Flowers

Floral Supplies: Syndicate Sales

Hand poured candles: Southern Soy Candle

Models: Maggie Buckley, Marley Jones, Halei Jo Sessum, Ashley Usry & Misty Williamson all of Georgia Southern University

Wardrobe:  Cobbler’s Bench + Social + Dish

Wardrobe Styling: The Glitter Life

Ribbon: Lion Offray

Wine Glasses: Dish

Wine: Cameron Hughes

Small Bites: Brownie Brittle

Sneak Peek from The Glitter Life girls, here. See the post on, Pottery Barn Inside & Out.

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