Nautical Nursery Reveal for Baby Row

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved the ocean and art but lived in Kansas. There was also a boy who loved the ocean and art, and he was also land-locked but in Mississippi. One day when they were old enough, they both happened to choose to attend the same art college by the sea, where they quickly met, fell in love, and were inseparable. They spent college studying art and playing on the sugar white sandy beaches and aqua waters that of Sarasota, Fl. When they graduated they decided they needed even more of an ocean life- and moved to Key West where they got engaged on a tiny island you can only get to by boat called Sunset Key. They got married by the sea in Sarasota, and later moved to California to live happily ever after.

Ok, I'll confess. That couple is my husband and I. Is it any surprise that for our first child's nursery we decided to go with a nautical theme? Chris's only requirement was that it didn't start to go in "pirate-y" direction. I knew even before we found out the gender that we would do an ocean inspired nursery-  if it was a girl we would have incorporated more mermaid type things, but a boy meant more whales and sailing touches.

Putting together this nursery was such a joy, and contrary to what my husband thinks, not that expensive because most of it we already had, was gifted to us, or we got on sale. So many special things in this nursery that tell a story: the white coral (above on the little armoir) and the blue coral (on the shelf) are both real and were used as centerpieces on the head table at our wedding. The ship painting and rocking chair were painted by my Grandma Coco.

Grandma Coco also helped me hang the wave wallpaper since I had never done that before.  That will always be a special memory.  The "blessed" picture frame was a gift from my godparents.

The whale clock, vintage books, "R" inital cut out book were all gifts from old family friends as well. The teddy bear with the wave outfit was a gift from our new friends here in California.

The dressers were actually my mom's when she was a little girl. They have traveled all over the USA to be used by different family members and been through many different paint jobs. 

The little blue teddy bear on the rocking chair is Boyd teddy bear I bought in Germany when I was 16 - my first time to Europe and my first time out of the country without my family.

The lobster print on the crib sheets will always make me smile......for reasons to long to tell here that is an inside joke between my husband and I, inspired by that episode of Friends where Phoebe explains that lobsters mate for life, and Ross is Rachel's lobster.

And that pretty much concludes the nursery tour! He has a little half bathroom in his nursery that has some pretty adorable nautical decor in it as well (a whale porthole mirror, shark towels, and shark measuring chart), but the lighting is awful in there and besides, the rest of it needs some remodeling so that will have to photographed and shared later. I hope Row's loves his nursery as much as we do! He should be making his appearance in here very soon!

Anthropologie: Fish knobsPom Tassel CurtainsWoodshop Monogram letters
Home Goods: Rope table Lamp, Driftwood Whale
Land of Nod: Catch of the Day QuiltLobster Crib SheetsDeep Sea Changing Pad sheetsStorage HamperWhale ClockTee Pee
Misc: Wave WallpaperOctopus RugShip Kite, Antique dressers (used to be my mom’s when she was little, I refinished with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint), Ship Painting and Rocking Chair (painted by baby Row's Great Grandma Coco), Jenny Lind Crib

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