Nautical Nursery: from Inspiration to Reality

If there’s one thing I know about artists, it’s that we love experimenting with a new medium or technique. So we were thrilled when HP contacted us to try out their new creative workstation called SproutSo far we used it to make adorable matching mom and baby bear sweatshirts, and today I'm using it to make a mood board for my baby boy's nursery. Yes, that is me looking large and in charge at 36 weeks pregnant in these pics, and it's go-time on finishing up his nautical nursery! Update: Want to see the full nursery reveal? Check it out here!

Like all first time moms, I am obsessed with this nursery being perfect. So to help make sure I achieve the look I want, a "mood board" was in order. This basically is a photo collage showing all the different elements of the nursery flow together and feel right as a whole. I'm going to use this board as inspiration for completing the room in real life. Some images I want for the nursery I was able to find online and easily pull into my project in Sprout, but some of the images that I wanted to be a part of it I could not find online because they were either gifts and I didn't know where they were from, or they were one-of-a-kind antiques. So being able to scan in these items with the Sprout high-res camera to use on the board was essential. Check out the finished mood-board:

So what is Sprout really? The base is the normal amazing HP computer (all touchscreen) and what makes it a “Sprout” is this extra software package it comes with.  This extra software included is an amazing highly responsive touchpad that clicks into the computer that you can use a stylus on or just your fingers, and a high-res scanner/camera that is attached at the top of the computer.

Check out the teddy bear getting scanned:

The touchpad comes with creative software to make any number of creative projects like collages, mood boards, invitations, drawings, fine art, and more. One of the most fun things about this new software, to me, is how easy it is to drag and drop images from the Internet to use on the project or bring in images from the scanner.  With my old scanner, an item had to be flat to be scanned, but with the Sprout I can scan in any object that might bring inspiration to a project.

The coolest thing about this touchpad is the ability to manipulate the artwork with your hands.  It really brings back the feeling of traditional art that you create with, well, your hands, as opposed to creating artwork digitally by typing keys on a keyboard or trying to draw with a mouse. This makes the whole creative process feel more intuitive, natural, and dare I say quicker as there is less to block the flow of creative ideas as you bring ideas from your imagination into reality. 

It’s so easy to use I would especially recommend this for kids wanting to get creative on a computer, for those who don't know photoshop or are intimidated by all it's tools, or those who want a quick way to jump into a project and get it going.  The only hang up for me and the Sprout was the transition of learning how to use a windows computer again, but after a few days of use I was quickly able to get it down. 

A few more images of the finished nursery I was able to create with the help of the mood-board:

Stay tuned for a full nursery reveal post coming soon! Update: Want to see the full nursery reveal? Check it out here!

I so appreciate what HP is doing to rethink how art is made, and how to combine art and technology. They are truly pioneering a whole new way for artists to work, and I can’t wait to see what they come out with next! 

This post has been created in collaboration with HP, but opinions are entirely are our own! Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Camp Makery going