How To Sneak Health Boosting Habits Into Your Family

Hi everyone! Today we have a guest blogger - my mom! She is pretty much the most educated person I know on health (both eastern and western views) and well-being, and I am so excited to share with you her tips on keeping yourself and your family healthy this winter. Now, without further ado....
I don't know about you, but with winter offically upon us, my first thought is - boost that immune system! So I want to share with you my tips on sneaking health into you and your loved ones daily lives as cold and flu season is here....
This time of year has me using every tool at my disposal to brace against cold and flu season. Traditional, and non-traditional remedies, it is not beyond my consideration. This open- mindedness is a new approach for me, having been through traditional nursing school, and worked in  our "normal" western medical centers and medical offices. I had been of the philosophy that only a prescription, or OTC med, or a visit/treatment to a medical office or facility could possibly bring any relief of suffering. Don't get me wrong, I am still that crazed mom who is freaking out when any of our kids get hurt, and I'm screaming at my husband to " meet me at the hospital/ER, and get any and all tests and treatments available to glue my little darlings back together, or else!!!!”
But, when it comes to daily health and wellness, you will find me drawn to reading & researching alternative health options, allopathic ideology put into practice, eastern & western natural remedies, immune system boosting research, etc. I love this article "Boosting Your Immunity Naturally with Chinese Medicine" and "Dr. Oz's 13 Natural Immunity Boosters" that both have great tips on how to do it the natural way. As a retired nurse, and mother of four, I have seen a lot of illness and wellness scenarios played out in our own family, and others. Not to mention, we have 3 decades of new research available since the beginning of my nurse days (1983, cough )! And with the information available via the internet, you can research remedies for every malady to befall you or your chick-a-dees!
So for fall, I will be focused on the immune system getting through winter!
For my student athletes, the Fall regimen begins with football/sports camps back in august. So I start them on:
  • Anti-oxidants: my fave is Lifegaurd by Starlight.
  • A multi vitamin: my manly sons seem partial to the gummy vitamins.
  • Vitamin C: the best way to take this is Emergen-C, because it has so much in each little packet, tastes good, and your body easily absorbs the liquid form. You can mix it in water or juice, and there are a trove of flavor choices including a "Junior" offering for little ones. 
  • Airborne: this is an oldie but a goodie. There is even a new chewable and gummy option as well.
  • And if I start hearing a cough or wheeze, I'll add in an antihistamine (best to consult your medical provider before doing this though).
  • For physically demanding sports and injuries, where my kid is taking a beat down physcially, then I looooove Immpower.
For food, I'll be pushing fruit smoothies from the Nutri-Bullet or Vita Mix. All the natural vitamins, immune boosting anti-oxidents, & nutrients found in fruits and veggies are actually the best way to get them into your body, just like nature intended. Although, I think I have burned my sons out , as they are boycotting them this fall. Hmmmmm...
Next, if you are blessed enough to have been gifted a juicer last Christmas, like myself, then you can offer fresh o.j. or fresh apple juice with a meal or snack. No haters on juice please. It is a much better and nutritious alternative than sugary, processed, colored dyed beverages, and with both the smoothies AND the fresh presses juices, we moms can SNEAK in a virtual treasure trove of fruits , veggies, and if you choose, proteins! Your imagination and experimentation are your only limits !   
 Here are some of my fave recipes for immune boosting smoothies for kids:
  1. This Immune Boosting Smoothie from Family Sponge has great suggestions for what vitaimins and supplements to add to smoothies for cold season.
  2. The Purple Immune Boosting Smoothie recipe from The Veggie Mama is described as a "green smoothie in disquise."
  3. I love this yummy Immune Boosting Smoothie because it's sweetened with bee pollen and calls for protein powder, which will help your kids blood sugar stay balanced despite drinking all this juice which is high in natural sugars. 
  4. Nicknamed "The Secret Weapon", this Smoothie recipe is also yummy with some great suggestion of extracts and supplements you can sneak into the smoothi without your kids (and husband) knowing. 
  5. This Smoothie recipe is a fun way to mix things ups, it's almost like an immune boosting fruit milkshake since it calls for almond milk and yogurt! 
  6. For juicing recipes, check out this link here for fun and yummy ways to get in those vitamins. 
If you can't get your family to savor the smoothies and juices you've made with love, then you can fall back to drugstore & grocery store supplements. Baby steps are fine.
As for the adult crowd, research shows that regular sex is a great immune booster ....but that article may have to be saved for an "after 9 pm" post!
How do you sneak healthy immune boosters into your family? Share your tips with us at
Images via Pics to Pin, Raw+Simple, PregPrep, and The Purple Touch.