Holiday Cards with Minted

Happy Holidays!

We recently had the pleasure of partnering with Minted (a kick-a** online stationary and print/decor company) where you make wedding invitation suites and baby showers invitations, to just about any event imaginable worth celebrating. We had the opportunity to make some pretty sweet New Year’s cards and I can’t wait to show you how! Minted has so many options to chose from. Selecting which card template to use was the hardest part; making it was fun, easy, and simple! If you haven’t gotten your Christmas, Chanukah, or Kwanza cards out yet; fear not! There is still an opportunity to ring in the New Year with a card too. 

 Let’s get started! 

1) Go to

2) Select the type of event or card you are looking to make.

3) After you select the design you would like to use, click “personalize” and get started!


4) Upload your photo(s), personalize your message, pick a color scheme, and choose a decorative edging or keep the straight edge. …did I mention the options were endless!!!


**Don’t forget to click save, create an account, and save your designs as you work. You can save a new design each time as a new version or you save and replace the design you are working on.**

5) Once you have the front of your card set the way you like it, click next and follow the prompts to get started on the back.  Choose from solid, black, white, print, or add another picture to be the back of the card. You can also adjust the layout from blank to multiple photos.

7) Minted offers a really neat, functional tool and you are able to enter your contacts or upload an excel document that will import your recipients. - I did this and it was super easy! Download the template and fill in the blanks.  Then upload the completed template and minted does the rest!

8) Choose your envelopes, and the return address design and if you’d like to add an envelope slip liner and you’re done!

9) Follow the online billing instructions and your stationary will be delivered to your home shortly there after.

In only a matter of days you recieve this wonderful package in the mail!  I was really impressed with the quality of the products.  The packaging alone was thoughful and made me feel like Christmas came early.

Try Minted and post your designs on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram, #CMminted2015!

Happy Holidays Ya'll!