Freshly Picked Moccasins Giveaway!

Hello, Friends! Starting off this week with a great giveawaty for you! We are so lucky to be partnering with the amazing Freshly Picked on a giveaway of their fabulous baby moccasins to one lucky reader! I am so excited about these - I have tried in vain for 6 months to find shoes that would stay on my little one's feet, and finally have the solution in the form of these little beauties.  I put them on him and what do you know, not only did they go right on but they stayed on!  Keep reading for details on how to win a pair!  

TO ENTER: To enter, tag two friends to spread the word about the giveaway, and like Freshly Picked and Camp Makery on Facebook!  You can enter up to three times if you tag new people.  Contest open to USA residents only until this Friday Oct. 2 at 5pm PST. You can not have won a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins within the last 60 days.

Now I can keep his little feet protected as he starts crawling and walking around more when we are out of the house, and keep his feet warm as colder weather approaches. We took him to the pumpkin patch for the first time this weekend and you can bet your bottom he wanted to walk around and crawl like the "big boys" we were with the whole time, so I was very thankful I had these.

These little shoes are so luxurious - they arrived in beautiful packaging, and I could smell the good quality of the leather right away. I could also immediately see the handcrafted quality was superb. They are worth every penny and something I suspect will hold up to be passed on to future siblings. I love the idea of buying fewer clothing for him but that are high quality and well made, and able to pass on to other siblings, cousins, or even his kids one day.

I remember when I was living in Paris during college one of my professors explaining to me about French culture, that the aristocrats in Paris that are old money, you can tell the kids by the their shoes at the parks. They were beautiful handmade leather shoes that are passed down from generation to generation. So I’m going to love these little shoes and consider my baby just as good as an baby French aristocrat ;) 

Another thing I love about these shoes is the versatility. They go with casual baby loungewear, hipster outfits, church clothes, and his "fall" outfit he wore to the pumpkin patch. I think since they are moccasins and not traditional shoes they are outside of the normal fashion confinements and just go with everything. 

I have tried putting him in other shoes but none others would stay on his little round chubby feet as he flops around. I'm not sure what babies are actually able to wear those other "real" shoes that I see sold in all the stores, but it's none that I have ever seen out in about in real life. 

Good luck! Head over to our Facebook page to enter! 

Thanks to Freshly Picked for the free moccasins!