Easy St. Patty's Day Personalized Kids' Shirt!

You guys are going to be mad as a March hare over this lucky little number I made for Beatrice, Whitaker & I. Colorful and vibrant is my favorite thing EVER, here’s a simple, totally adorable do-it-yourself project especially for St. Patty’s.  


  • Cotton Shirt
  • Grass Geen & Lime Green Tumble Dye
  • Foam Letters
  • Stencil (I drew a shamrock for St. Patrick's Day)

Step 1: Upon gathering the tumble dye colors of your dreams, lay the shirt on a flat, newsprint or drop cloth covered surface. Then, stick on the letters and any stencils. For t-shirt for myself, I spelled out the words "Luck Girl," and then for my kids I made one with each of their names on it.

Tip: Keep paper towels or baby wipes near by to quickly tackle any mess. 

Step 2: Spray on your colors paying attention to not over-spray, or the colors will mix together to become one. Personally, I like contrasting colors. For example, super light with super dark. A little yen with yang, you know. Totally get into spraying here. It's absolute fun. And, then viola! Your artwork is ready for some sun. Once the mist has landed on your blouse this baby is ready to air dry in a sunny spot inside, or out. A sprightly, quick alternative to sunshine is a tumble cycle in the dryer.

Step 3:  After approximately an hour of sunbathing, the letters will be ready to pull off. To be sure, I let the shirts for Beatrice, Whitaker, and I dry for about another hour. Grasp your shirt. Gasp at your original wardrobe piece. And, do a happy dance to your best leprechaun beat.

May your Irish eyes shine big & pretty, and you wardrobe be as charming with these stylish numbers. How did yours come out?  I wanna see, I wanna see! Share your picture on our Facebook page, pretty please!