Easy Robot Marshmallow Pop DIY

Lets face it, who has time to make cake pops? I did for a party once (Hello Kitty Cake Pops), and while it was so much fun, it was a ton of time and effort. It also required a good bit of artistic skill.  I had to do a whole practice round to learn how to get the consistency right and how to carefully glue on the pieces and tweak the ingredients. For this party I wanted a fun “pop” again but knew I didn’t want to spend a whole day making them. Enter “marshmallow pops!” They are just as cute, and the kids loved them just as much. They are just so much easier and quicker!

umbo sized marshmallows
Wax paper
Lollipop sticks
Gray edible spray paint (yes they really do make this! I bought mine and most of the supplies listed here at Michael’s Arts & Crafts)
Royal Icing
Black edible marker
Candy: dots, lifesavers, sprees, candy necklace

Optional Marshmallow Pop Display:
Gift box
Gift crinkly straw


1.     Start by taking the giant marshmallows and placing them on wax paper. Spray with the edible gray spray paint. Be sure to let the sides dry and then roll them over to spray the other sides. Do two coats, letting dry completely in between.

2.     Dip a lollipop stick in royal icing and insert into the bottom of each marshmallow. The icing will help make sure the stick stays in place. Place the marshmallow pop upright in some Styrofoam so you can see the front clearly to continue creating your little masterpieces.

3.     Using royal icing as the “glue” again, attach a lifesaver to the bottom (with the lollipop stick going through it’s middle).

4.     Attach with the royal icing 2 candy necklace pieces for eyes, 2 sprees for ears, and a candy dot on top.

5.     Use the black edible marker to draw on a crazy mouth. Some can be smiling, some confused, some angry, you get the idea. Have fun with it!

6.     You went to all this effort to make cute desserts, let’s display them! Just take the bottom of each gift box and use a sheet of Styrofoam cut to fit inside it. I should sit at least ½ below the top of the box, but be tall enough it can support a pop when its inserted down into it. (Styrofoam in all shapes and sizes is sold at Michael’s as well.)

7.     Top with the crinkly gift straw.  Normally I display my pops in a gift box, but if you have any sort of cute dish or platter or bowl you want to use, that would work too. I happen to have a pretty silver serving bowl with low edges that matched this party décor perfectly. So placed Styrofoam down in that and covered it with the straw. I secured the foam into the bowl with a few tiny dots of hot glue that I just popped off after the party.


Check out these other cute images from the party, to See the whole party go here and learn my secrets and tips on how to steal this look!

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