Easy Halloween Party Recipe Ideas

From a very young age I always wanted to be the "hostess with the mostest." I worked tirelessly to host the most fabulous tea parties with my baby dolls and teddy bears, and always wanted to have the coolest tree-fort picnics in my childhood back yard. To this day, I find myself wanting to hold fun parties for each season. As Halloween quickly approaches, I started looking at different Halloween decorations and was overwhelmed with the cuteness from Crate and Barrell's collection. I put together a fun, simple and easy spread of food and drinks that any party host could handle! 

Every party needs a signature cocktail, and I made this delicious Spooky Caramel Apple Beer and served it in this adorable Bat Punch Bowl from Crate & Barrel. I also found some jack-o-lantern decals to put on my pint glasses and rimmed those glasses in cinnamon and sugar. I love the idea of making a signature cocktail and serving it from the punch bowl so I didn't have to play bartender throughout the party, and when it was time to refill the punch bowl, it was easy and quick to make a new batch! I would recommend using plastic cups if you are having a large party, but I personally prefer a frosted pint glass! 

I don’t know about you, but when I plan a party with adult beverages, I tend to keep the sweets to a minimum, as saltier snacks taste better when consuming said beverages. So I thought, “What could taste better than warm, soft pretzels on a cool October evening?” Voila!


The creation of Zombie Soft Pretzel Fingers! Now, for those of you who are not familiar or comfortable with yeast dough: Relax. This is easier than you think; it just takes time. I’m not saying you can’t tell your guests how difficult it was, though. Put on your aprons ladies, throw some flour on your face, and enjoy the ooo’s and ahh’s! I served these delicious pretzel fingers with cheese and mustard in these adorable Bat Bowls from Crate & Barrel. 

Every party must have a dessert, and every Halloween party must have a pumpkin dessert! As I planned this menu and thumbed through my annual pumpkin recipes, I came upon this pumpkin cake. As I strive to eat a Paleo diet, I am finding that it is very easy and delicious to tweak my recipes to whole foods that won't kill my diet! This particular recipe is one I use for a variety of pastries, so I was pleasantly suprised that, not only did the Paleo ingredients work, they tasted just as good if not better than the traditional version I baked for so many years! Cue the Paleo angels singing!!!

I was even more pleased with the topping; usually, I top this cake with an orange juice-cream cheese butter cream frosting that is to die for, but I lightened it up with reducing orange juice and honey together and drizzling over the fresh cake. It was even better than the fattening, creamy goodness of my orignal cream cheese frosting; it was decadent! To save myself time during the party, I went ahead and cut the pieces of cake and plated them on this spooky and perfect cake plate from Cornerstone Interiors

To wrap up my party menu, I thought of something fun and original for party favors...and instead of sending my guests home with something Halloween-themed, I thought about the upcoming months and celebrations such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.


This delicious Holiday Spiced Tea is the perfect pairing for the Pumpkin Cake and is a nice, hot drink to warm your guests and then send them home with something adorable they can enjoy for weeks to come! I put my tea in mason jars and covered them with gold-trimmed burlap, but you could use a fun Halloween-themed fabric of your choice! 

Photography by ShannonKaye Photography and Production Assitance from Laina Marshall.

These simple and delicious recipes are a great start to your Halloween party spread, would be easy to bring to any party, and are all crowd pleasers. 

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