DIY Speckled and Sprayed Natural Looking Easter Eggs

Look Luxe. Surprisingly Affordable.

When you get to spend the day with Design Studio South and work on a great decor project that’s so easy and pretty it’s an all-out happy zone. And I’ve been crushing on Tristen Needham since we met for the Elegant Easter Tabletop Tips and Spring Cocktail Recipe. I wanted to try my hand at making something (anything really!), inspired by her design even if it’s as small as a plastic Easter Egg. Don’t you love a style statement that challenges the tired, old, expected spring pastel pallet and is totally sweat free and inexpensive? I do!

Put up the watercolors, give your crazy-artificial-looking, plastic a simple, witty, elegant makeover.


  • Plastic Easter Eggs

  • Stone Spray Paint



Step 1: Layout your eggs. Open eggs and place in a line.

Step 2: Choose your paint colors.

Tip! For an artistic look select a paint with an accent like stone to give a natural texture to the surface of the egg. The funny thing is - it’s speckling takes them to an eggshell-like place that’s an au-natural appearance!


Step 3: Spray with hardware-store paint and let dry.


Step 4: Now celebrate with a glass of wine. Because in a matter of minutes you’ve crafted the most stylish Easter Eggs ever that are easy on your wallet. Plus your table and guests will love. And all the friends in your life are guaranteed to be blown away with your cleverness!   

Tip! Rather than storing or throwing away after the season, leave them out for a whimsical touch!

See the this DIY featured on Pottery Barn Inside & Out.
See the tablescape featured on Pottery Barn Inside & Out.


Photographer: Rach Lea Photography

Styling: Design Studio South

BBQ Sauce: Southern Soul BBQ

Floral Design: Christy Hulsey with Amanda Currier, Colonial House of Flowers

Styling: Amanda Currier, Colonial House of Flowers

Small Bites: Brownie Brittle

Pralines + Signature Cocktail Recipe: From the Kitchen of Azure Rountree

Calligraphy:  Low Country Paper Co

Flower Selection: Mark Jackson, Cutflower Atlanta

Floral Supplies: Syndicate Sales

Venue: Georgia State Railroad Museum

Location: Savannah, Georgia


Do you have a special way you decorate Easter eggs? I would love to see. Share your pictures on our Facebook page!