DIY: Snazzy Peppermint Sugar Cookie Candles

People love burning scented candles in their home, so why not make try your own hand at making them. You can create your own scents, colors, containers, and packaging! Although the idea of making your own candles may seem intimidating at first, you'll see it's easy with just a little hand-made love and about 30 minutes to an hour.


  • Alex Plus Indoor/Outdoor CLEAR Caulk and Caulking Gun
  • Wide-mouth Mason jars
  • 8" candle wicks with metal tab base
  • 1-2 lb bag of natural soy wax flakes
  • your favorite holiday scent (all candle making supplies should be available at Hobby Lobby or Michaels)
  • old metal or glass bowl (to create double boiler)
  • saucepan or pot large enough to float metal or glass bowl inside
  • 1 oz to .5 oz container of desired candle scent
  • materials for gift wrapping/packaging
  • oven glove (not pictured)
  • old wooden spoon
  • pen or pencil
  • scissors
  • ruler

Step 1:
Use your caulk and caulking gun to place a small dab on the metal tab of the wick and secure to the inside base of your mason jar. You'll know the caulk is dry when it turns from white to CLEAR, much like Elmer's All-Purpose. 

Step 2:
While the caulk is drying in the jars, you can begin to melt your wax. Fill the saucepan with water and place the metal bowl inside the saucepan of water. You are creating a double-boiler and will be pouring the wax shavings into the bowl so please be mindful of the weight of your wax in the bowl. You don't want to displace the water in the saucepan so much by the weight of the wax that it overflows. Turn your stovetop on to boil the water and pour roughly 1 cup of candle wax into metal bowl. Once the heat builds, your water boils, and the wax is melting, reduce the heat slightly and add more wax. You should be able to melt about 1 lb of wax in each batch. 


Step 3:
Are you using scent? If so, I have played around with scent ratios so much that I feel like I've nailed a good one down: 0.5 oz of fragrance to 2lb bag of wax. With this ratio, your candle will fill an office or bedroom with a light scent, not heavy. I have bought my scents in lots of places but for the sake of ease, Hobby Lobby sells the wicks, jars, wax, and scents. Half a bottle of scent will be sufficient for a half a 2 lb bag of wax.  WHEN you add the fragrance during the melting process is the key to having a retail-quality scented candle. Once your wax is all melted gradually in the double-boiler, turn off the heat and get your oven glove ready. Add your fragrance by drizzling it throughout and stir gently with wooden spoon. Using oven glove, remove bowl of melted wax from stove top and saucepan.

Step 4:
Pour melted wax into mason jar carefully and fill to desired level.

Step 5:
Secure the wicks to the center of the jars by using a flat pencil or ruler to ensure the wicks set in the center of the candle. You may need to bend the wick gently over the ruler. Take care not to pull the wick as this may loosen the metal tab from the jar. Allow the wax to cool completely before moving.

The scent I made, by combining fragrances, for these was a peppermint sugar cookie. If you are gifting the candles, you can add your own little touches like the ones above. I made the little leaves from tissue paper that I stamped with a silver ink snowflake. Tie it all up with a little baking twine and you've got a super cute notion for friends, teachers, and family. Happy Holidays campers!


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