DIY Flamingo Straws

Summer may officially be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a beverage with a tropical twist!  I’ve become fairly obsessed with flamingos over the past year.  To me, they are the most glamorous of the bird family.  They’re pink, they have long, graceful necks and legs, and even the way they pose while they sleep is fancy!  Here is a super quick, easy, and fabulous tutorial to add a little tropical flair to your next party.  Be sure to serve with something bright and fruity!


  • Green Patterned Paper Straws
  • Pink “Bump Stem” Pipe Cleaners (the wavy kind)
  • Pink Craft Feathers
  • All-Purpose Craft Glue


Take one pipe cleaner and bend the top 1/3 into an “S” shape, leaving the remainder of the pipe cleaner straight. Hold the “S” perpendicular to your straw and wrap the remainder of the pipe cleaner around the straw. Slide the pipe cleaner to where you would like it to stay, and then secure to the straw with a dab of glue. Trim two feathers, one for each wing, to the desired length. You can leave them as long as you’d like, but I think the proportions look best after trimming the top of the feather off until the wing is about 2.5” long. To get the proper shape, trim in a “V” shape, with the point of the V being the end of your wing.

Stick one feather in each side of your flamingo’s body and, if desired, secure with another small dab of glue. If the ends of your feathers are sticking out from the flamingo’s body, trim them so they are fully hidden. Then you're done! 

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