DIY: Fall Outdoor Decorating Tips with Pottery Barn

I could hardly believe it was true when I set my sights on the door way The Vine Garden Market created with Lavin Label. These are true women of the seasons and this is a dream so you can imagine our excitement as the magic happens right before my sister Amanda, and I's eyes - with Monica's Moscow Mule and a bottle of wine to share. We had so much fun laughing and learning. When I saw the door, I knew we had to see what they'd do with the side porch. With all the succulents, sand, and seasonal flowers, this is my favorite! It's full of all kinds of things like we've never seen done like before (and I've got all their tips below!)

Tip 1: Use the same color fresh flowers on tables
It’s easy to get arrangements that are all the same color right. The clippings can be grouped in baskets or containers. Cut and put seasonal earth tone millets, queen anne’s lace and local greens in a creative container like this Carolina Vase or Mood Moss in a found dough bowl for a look that’s effortless and stunning. Shop at your neighborhood flower shop, clip grasses from your garden. Add them loosely for a natural look. 

Tip 2: Pops of unexpected details.
Add personality by incorporating your favorite things. I love the the house plants on the Brenner Wood Votive Centerpiece in an unused grill space. Surprise, you can go from common to extraordinary in a minute! This is a critical element that makes guests feel relaxed and special.

Tip 3: Add candles and found greenery for elegance. 
Just clipped vines? Fresh trimmed succulents, air plants and moss? It doesn’t get more naturally pretty than this. Kelly's crew says "avoid fussy and contrived" to achieve an effortless, artistic look. Plus you can’t beat the impact of flickering flame light. Put sand, soil, plants, and candles. Okay, TONS of candles everywhere.

Tip 4: Tray of drinks.
Easiest way to impromptu conversation? You know, we like to mingle. The Fretwork Rim Mirror Tray full of a signature cocktail that guests make themselves invites just that!  On a cool crisp night, guests are bound to partake. And since we are being honest we are too! It's fun. It’s practical to leave open wine bottles about the table (I like Cameron Hughes). Scratch the paper and used hand lettered signs in seasonal fruit like apples or limes to add savoir faire.


To tell you the truth it's so pretty it would shine any season. But that day: it was an afternoon of sisters pouring seasonal sippers, clipping leaves, hanging wreaths, learning the secrets we’ve longed to know from that famous crew and falling head over heels for these fabulous artists and their work. Plus Kelli Boyd Photography captures the whole famous house in a way that passed everything I ever dreamed and and it has everything to do with her incredible eye, plus stunning architecture, amazing entry and porch, expert advice, great lanterns, baskets and stools and laughter the only way women who are doing what they love know how. I knew this place would be a whole new level of gorgeous entertaining fun; a whole new level of autumn chic without a pumpkin, squash or gourd in sight. From start to finish, we watched Monica and Kelly and even the dog Gracie do their thing with this neighbors home so much that you can’t help but be in awe.

Pottery Barn Items Used:

  • Brenner Wood Votive Centerpiece

  • Vince Metal Clad Accent Stool

  • Fretwork Rim Mirror Tray

  • Carolina Vases

  • Tortoise Shell Glass Votive Holder


Styling + Calligraphy: Lavin Label

Floral Design: Kelly Revels + Lauren Carter, The Vine Garden Market

Photographer: Kelli Boyd Photography

Produced by: Christy Hulsey + Amanda Currier from Colonial House of Flowers with Camp Makery

Floral Supplies: Syndicate Sales

Candles: 100 Candles

Wine: Cameron Hughes

Architect: Thomas Thaddeus Truett Architect

Location: Home of Thad and Leigh Truett, Tanglewood Black Banks

Cocktail Napkins: Williams-Sonoma

Hair + Makeup: Anna May Hall,

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