Create a Miniature Teacup Garden

Inspired by creating a miniature gardencheap ralph lauren  for my terrarium, I couldn't help but wonder just how tiny a garden I could create? So, I decided to find the tiniest of plants to fill in the perfect, dainty, miniature, version of a flower pot- a tea cup! These dainty Tea Cup Gardens are fun project to do with kids, make as a gift for your momralph lauren australia  or grandma, or make to use as a centerpiece, or to spruce up small nooks and crannies in your home. 


  • ralph lauren sale teacups
  • pebbles for drainage
  • potting soil
  • dry moss
  • flowers or greenery like Baby's Tears
  • mini succulents (like hens and chicks)
  • Delight (air dry modeling compound) 
  • red, white, and brown acrylic paint
  • floral wire
  • toothpicks
  • any other mini touches like tiny starfish, sand dollars, zeolites, or coral

These teacup gardens look lovely with just flowers and succulents, or you can add little houses and mushrooms. To make the mushrooms, start by rolling a ball. Then pinch one end and pull it out to create the stem of the mushroom. Insert a 4" piece of floral wire into it. 

To make the little houses, start again by rolling a ball. Then press the sides into square, and slowly elongate some into rectangles. Insert a 4" piece of floral wire into the building. Create a tall cone (like the shape of a gnome hat) and glue it onto the the building part, pressing it through the wire as well. Use a toothpick to press the outline of windows and doors into the little houses.

Allow the houses and mushrooms to dry and then paint the caps of the mushrooms red, and then paint white polkadots. Paint the houses brown, and then glue dry moss to the roofs. Trim excess moss to retain the roof shape. Paint the doors bright colors for an extra bit of whimsy. 

Now it's time to plant! Fill your teacup with pebbles, charcoal (if you have it; this will help with drainage), and potting soil. Plant a few mini succulents and flowers, and then insert the mushrooms and houses, trimming the wire if needed. Fill any holes with extra tiny succulents, more mushrooms, or extras like starfish, rocks, etc. 

Voila! Now repeat this process to fill as many teacup gardens as your heart desires! I had so much fun doing it that I went ahead and made 4 of them. I had fun placing them out side in the yard, but they should be kept indoors as the teacups don't have holes to drain any acess rain water. Just mist you teacup every other day to keep it alive. 

How did your teacup garden turn out? What kind of flowers and plants did you fill yours with? Follow us o