Christmas Table Decor Ideas with Pottery Barn

If you ask me to tell you the prettiest places I’ve ever been, Camp Tygart is at the very tippy top of the list.  And as we get closer to the holiday this week it seems like the perfect time to get excited about an effortless tablescape aside the dreamy open-air tabernacle my great grandfather built. Did I mention my parents got married there? Javon Longiere Photography and Colonial House of Flowers have proof that winter tablescapes can be breathtakingly full, richly bountiful, elegant and beautiful.

With gorgeous florals from the talents of my family, stylish Pottery Barn pieces full of warmth and the sparkle of some nearby farm deliciousness you're gonna be longing for candlelight, cold weather, and good cheer.

Every element is intentionally chosen to embrace the historical acerage full of magnolia, pine, pecans, sea shells and vibrant farm-fresh produce. Plus Chardonney and pretty vessels inspire the whole discovery, which is an exciting exploration of taste, texture and natural of-the-earth-chic entertaining. There's almost too much charm to count! 

This photoshoot features floral arrangements built with my Aunt's artistry, garland shaped by my sister's hands, and cake tended by my Grandmother.  All this lends to the intentional ancestral poetry of the glamorous party on the grounds. In fact, I believe it romanticizes a story of an organic, boho chic wedding spree happening right in the fertile countryside just down the road from the sea.

So, cozy up with some wine (hey it’s the holidays!) and nosh on this gorgeous inspiration as the story unfolds.

Beatrice and Lily are free little spirits with a love for all things flowery, pretty, lush, kaleidoscopic and full. They are the youngest sisters and flower girls to the much older than them bride-to-be, Lana. The two heard the laughter of the women of their family who were setting an intimate sweetheart table for the wedding night… among the pine bearing trees on the very grounds their parents and grandparents had shared their nuptials. Curious, the sonnies sneak to the magical forest-like setting to peek in awe at the beautifully crafted goodness of found greenery, a pew and even a table overflowing with wine, fruit, nuts, and dessert - a recipe their grandmother had been perfecting since she was in her teens. By this same method the cake recipe had been used for all their family triumphs.

Using the environment as inspiration, the women created a breathtaking palette upon the table that's fused with pops of natural yellow, reds, and orange with cresting rich greens through a warm, enchanting and abundant garland. The sparkling hues, and glittery tabletop were the things dreams are made of, alive and well even in this ordinary space.

The girls feasted their eyes on the lovely goodness served with a sweet topping of flowers. As they dashed away in a whisk of happy they decided that fairy tales are alive and real in this wedding world… the proof is in the crumbs left from their nibbles of the cake!

Sparkle, fresh farm produce, flowers, mercury glass, pound cake, a great story, and a flower halo or two - holiday tablescapes just doesn’t get prettier than this!

Vendor Credits: 

Produced by Colonial House of Flowers and Camp Makery for Pottery Barn
Location: Camp Tygart
Photography by Javon Longieliere Photography 
Production Assistant: Kathy Tygart
Fruit & Nuts: Southern Grace Farms
Floral Design: Peggy Beam and Kathy Tygart
Floral Selection: Mark Jackson
Models: Beatrice Hulsey and Lily Currier
Cake + Recipe: Margie Tygart
Candles: Southern Soy Candle
Chardonnay: Cameron Hughes
Olive Oil + Olive Trees: Georgia Olive Farms
Garland: Amanda Currier and Christy Hulsey
Pickled Green Tomatoes: Phickles Pickles
Glasses: Pottery Barn
Serving Bowl: Pottery Barn
Mercury Vases: Pottery Barn

Votives: Pottery Barn
Hurricanes: Pottery Barn
Cutting Board: Pottery Barn

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