Christmas JOY Centerpiece DIY

How adorable is this JOY centerpiece inspired by our Elegant Moss Table Number Wedding DIY? We love it when other people get inspired by one of our DIYs enough to not only make it but put their own awesome twist on it. Here is one sampe of that! The original DIY was by another blogger, Lauren Weems, and I put my own touch on it to make the perfect centerpiece for my holiday table this year.


  • moss wire (available at craft stores like Michael's and online here)
  • flower stakes with wire (also available at craft stores like Michael's)
  • scissors
  • wire cutters
  • hot glue gun
  • printed word you want to spell - here we did "JOY" (it's short and simple! )
  • artificial or dried christmas greenery (I have seen at several stores for sale wired holly and wired mistletoe garland that would be so simple to add. It's often sold on a spool like ribbon and with the ribbon section)
  • any other christmas accent greenery you want to add like the little pinecone we used here on the "J"
  • low wide open bowl
  • floral foam
  • ​extra cut greenery from your christmas tree

So this was an impromptu project that I made, and was not at all planning on turning it into a tutorial, but Lauren thought it was so cute she insisted I share it. So I will give the steps below but the photos showing the steps are the ones from the original tutorial for the moss wire table numbers. Just imagine they are in the shape of the letters and not numbers and you will get the idea!

Step 1:
Curve the edge of the wire back so you have a round starting point, start at the tip of the number, and use your fingers to shape the wire to follow the outline of each letter, tracing around the letter all the way back to where you started it. 

Step 2:
When you've reached the starting point, trim it with your wire cutters leaving about 1" extra to wrap around the other end so its one connected piece. Lay it flat back on the sheet on top of the number to make sure it doesn’t need any final tweaking and it's the right shape.

Step 3:
Repeat this to make the rest of the letters you will need. Then lay them out and start playing with adding in some of the wired holly, pinecones, or whatever Christmas greenery you want to use. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, secure them in place with hot glue.

Step 4:
Now to get those pretty letters standing up! Take your flower stakes that come with wire pre-attached and place it behind a straight edge of the letter and wrap the wire around the number several times to attach the two.  I recommend having the stake and letter overlap each other about 3 inches so it will easily be able to hold the letter up. You won’t be able to do this for all of them but do it if you can. Then flip the letters over and secure the wire that is holding the number and stake together with a little dot of glue so it doesn’t become unraveled. 

Step 5:
Soak your floral foam block in water until it's completely soaked through. Place it in the bowl with a few inches of water. Take your greenery trimmings and poke them into it and it's covered completely. Then place your letters spelling "JOY" into the top of the block. Voila! Don't forget to water the greenery every couple of days.

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