Candy Corn Ombre Glitter Wine Bottles

There's a favorite saying among my DIY girlfriends that goes: "We can change the world with some spray paint, a glue gun, and glitter," and this project is the perfect example of that. I had so much fun making this project with my grandma while she is here visiting us and helping me get the nursery ready for our first baby that is on the way, a little boy. Now, I can't take all the credit for coming up with this idea because it was totally inspired by one of our other posts, "Glitter Ombre Champagne Bottles," that Andrea made for Valentine's Day last year. So I just followed her directions using Candy Corn colors for Halloween and am enjoying the sparkly focal point every time I walk by them resting on our fireplace mantle. 


  • glitter in orange, white, & yellow (smaller pieces shed less, but bigger pieces are more forgiving when doing the blending from color to color)
  • 3 wine bottles
  • gloves
  • mask 
  • drop cloth
  • 5 paper cups
  • spray adhesive
  • silver & white spray paint
  • acrylic sealer 
  • small plastic bucket


Step 1:
Start by prepping a workspace that you are ok with getting paint and glitter on. Get your mask and gloves on, and spray paint as many wine bottles as you want. Spray the bottom two-thirds silver and the top third white. I recommend doing at least 3 bottles to display in a group together, and more if you want to give them as gifts at Halloween parties. You can either use wine bottles that still have wine in them if you want to take them to parties as gifts and to actually serve, or use empty wine bottles (soaking them to get the tags off will help make it easier to acheive the ombre effect). 

Step 2:
While that's drying, take your 3 colors of glitter and pour them into the cups. Next, you are going to mix the colors to create 2 in-between colors, so you will have 5 glitter cups of colors total--white for the top part of the "candy corn" bottle, then white mixed with orange, orange, orange mixed with yellow, and lastly yellow to go at the bottom of the bottle.

Step 3:
Once the spray paint has really dried, spray the top third of the bottle with spray adhesive and then hold it over a bucket (or newspaper--something that will allow you to collect excess glitter, dump it back into the cup, and reuse it) and pour white glitter over it. Collect the excess white glitter and dump it back into the cup. Now, spray the next portion with spray adhesive, about a 2 inch strip, and pour the light white/orange mixture over it. Collect the excess glitter and dump it back into the cup to use later. Repeat this process doing the middle portion with orange glitter, then a small, 2-inch strip with the orange/yellow mixture, and the bottom with the pure yellow. 

Expert Tip: Be careful your hands don't get sticky and then peel off the spray paint! If that happens, spray paint it again and wait for it dry before proceeding. 

Step 4:
Time to perfect the blending! As you can see in the collage step photos above, the first layer of glitter shows way too much definition between colors, and the bottle is still visible in some places. We are going to do another layer of spray adhesive and glitter to help smooth the transition between colors so that the bottle/paint doesn't show through. Start with the white (leaving bottle upright) and work your way down the colors again. It is perfectly ok for the glitter of each color to fall down the bottle and cover bits of the colors below. This helps the ombre effect. After that, give your bottles a critical once-over to see if there are any little patches that need extra glitter or extra blending. Look for places that could use a little extra white here or a little extra light orange there. I think on all of mine, I ended up needing a final 2 inch strip of just the pure orange in the center of the orange strip. Eventually, you want to have sprinkled a little bit of all of the colors everywhere.

Expert Tip: Go back and do any touch-ups to the top of the bottle where your fingers have been knocking off glitter. I tried to do that, but it still wasn't enough, so that's why I recommend using white spray paint for the top portion of the bottle instead of silver, like I did.

Step 5:
Put your mask back on and spray the bottles with 3 coats of the acrylic sealer, allowing it to dry in between each coat (about 15 minutes). 
That's it! For a fun accent, I put a mixture of the yellow and orange on the top of the bottles. 

I'm going to enjoy these in my living room until I serve the wine at a Halloween Party we are hosting at our house next week :) After that, I'm still keeping the bottles to use again next year for decor. If you use bottles that are already empty, you can put something fall-ish in each one for more Halloween eye-candy!

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