Boho-Chic Easter Fabric Woven Bunny Ears

I have so many of these fabric shoppers from various stores, but the ones I've featured here are from Free People. When I started hunting for fabric, these caught my eye. Their pretty patterns play well together and embrace the pink and bright hues for Spring. This sweet little bunny ear halo is a more bohemian take on the traditionally furry white flappers on a headband. I would love to see a client's little girl wearing these for a photo shoot or even a stylish friend rockin' them at an Easter gathering.


  • wire shears
  • floral wire
  • floral tape
  • fabric shopping bags or fabric scraps
  • needle-nose pliars
  • scissors

Take your floral wire and measure around your head to create your halo. Do not clip the wire yet.

Use the excess on the end to start bending your bunny ears into shape, wrapping them around the base of the halo for support. Once your ears are the size and shape that you want, secure them to the halo and clip with shears.

With your bags, you will be cutting strips of fabric approximately 1/4 to a 1/2 inch wide. With these strips, you are ready to begin weaving the ears. Start with the horizontal rows, tying to each side of the ear. We will trim the excess later.

Finish the ears with the vertical strips, feeding them over and under the horizontal ties to complete the weave. It looks more cohesive to use the same pattern/fabric for both ears. If you want to mix your patterns on the halo, go for it! Tie three strips of fabric to the back of the halo and braid them around the wire to create your soft halo band. You may need to tie additional strips as you braid to reach around the entire halo.

Secure with knots in the back and trim the excess from braid. You can bend and shape your ears, rearrange the weave to fill in the ears, and trim the edges of the knots. I left mine a little rough and frayed.

Show us your hippie-ty hoppity bunny ears on Facebook or #campmakery #campmakerybunnyears on Instagram. Happy Easter! xo