25 Ideas that Men Really Want for Christmas

Sometimes I can't help but look at the gift round-ups out there on the web for men and laugh. Am I the only woman married to a normal husband who doesn't want designer impractical clothing and grooming kits for Christmas? And nor do my dad, 3 brothers, or 3 brothers-in-law. They are normal guys who love sports, meat, gadgets, tools, adventures, and being outdoors. They're not very complicated, to be honest. After many many years of shopping for all these men in my life, I have become a bit of a male shopping expert, and I wanted to share that with you all. Need ideas for the women in your life too? Check out "21 Ideas Women Really Want for Christmas" and you'll be sure to be voted Santa's Helper of the Year.

Here's what the men in my life will be getting for gifts this year: 

1. Macallan Fine Oak 15 year Old Scotch $83: He pretends to be happy to drink your wine or cheap beer all the time, but the truth is he would really appreciate a nice scotch.
2. Whiskey Stones $20: Stocking Stuffer alert!

3. Personalized Portland Growler $70: You're just not cool if you don't have a fave local brewery that you go out to eat at and take home a growler from.
4. Personalized Hops Pub Glasses (Set of 4) $50: Because every guys dreams of having his own bar.....thanks to the movie Cocktail.

5. Personalized Bulldog Pitcher $24: Perfect to complete his own bar set-up. 
6. Beer Tasting Tool Kit $18: Turn a normal dinner party into a friendly competetion with this kit- no guy will be able to resist. Try having everyone bring thier own fave kind to add to the tasting! 

7. Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker $40: Guys love to have gadgets around them AT ALL TIMES. Yes, even in the shower. 
8. Jawbone JamBox $130: After living in the land of tech (aka Silicone Valley) and always surrounded by the latest technology for awhile now, this is the best portable speaker I've ever encountered. This made the perfect highschool graduation gift for my little brother last spring. 

9. Chromecast $35: This is my top stocking stuffer recommendation! It lets you beam whatever you are doing – videos, games, movies, etc - on your phone, tablet, or computer to your TV!
10. Apple TV $99: This has been around for awhile now, but still awesome if your guy doesn't have one yet. 

11. Xbox One Console $427: The latest Xbox to be released, I’ve been informed “it’s just cool” when I asked what specifically about it made it make my husband, Chris, Christmas Dream List.
12. Fitbit Force $130: Makes getting in shape fun when there's a fun gadget to tinker with and keep track of all your goals. 

13. Scuba Diving Lessons: This is what my husband Chris said when I asked him what the best gift I ever got him was. Just go the this link to find where to get certified in your area or start planning a vacation to somewhere to get certified, like we did in Key West!

14. Tickets to a Sports Game: Bonus points if you get his college buddies in on the plan and pick a game they can all go to! This is what my dad give Chris every Christmas, and it is always a hit. Now we have gone to college and professional games all across the usa as we've moved every year to a new area.

15. Golf Lesson with a PGA Pro: This site has links to find a pro near you lessons, or you can just call your local golf course to get more information about it. Most lessons seem to range in price from $90 and up, depending on how fancy the course is.

15. Gift Certificate to Drive a Stock Car: This site has links to find a place near you that offers this. Prices starting at $400. You can also get the option to just ride shotgun instead and it’s cheaper.

16. Omaha Steaks: Arguably the best beef in the world, delivered right to your door. Choose from a range of options of how many and what kind your husband would love.

17. Yeti Cooler: Think of this as the Mercedez Benz of coolers, a desirable trophy for any outdoorsman/hunter/fisherman/male to have in his collection of man-toys. Range in price from $230-$600. Endorsed by the men of Duck Dynasty, so you know it’s the real deal. We got my dad one last year for his birthday and he LOVES it and will verify it was worth the extra dough.

18. Bacon of the Month Club $180: Guys just love bacon, and these gourmet flavors will put the grocery store brands to shame. I try to convince Chris over and over again how unhealthy it is, but there is no changing his primal craving to eat fried pork.

19. Custom Bobble-head: For the man who has everything! Or for the man who wants to be immortalized in his old sports glory days. Choose from hundreds of body options or go fully custom. You just send in a few photos and they do the rest. You can even pick out the colors and add your own logos to clothing. Prices start at $99 and go up to $150.

20. Custom NFL Jersey $114: Apparently guys never outgrow the childhood dream of playing pro sports. 

21. Spicy Jerky Gram $25: They will love the meat, you will love the cute packaging- it’s the perfect combination. If your men don’t love jerky, this site is full of amazing “man crates” for every personality and budget out there.

22. New Dad Tactical Bag $99: This is an adorable, er, I mean MANLY gift that comes with a military style “mobile childcare command center”, aka, diaper bag, stuffed with goodies like perky jerky, red bull, ear plugs, baby camo gear, a mustache pacifier, and many more precious things perfect for any new dad. Chris doesn't need one yet.....but maybe someday! 

23. ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxers $18: Guys have sworn to me that once they wear these, they can never go back to…..whatever they were wearing before. They dry so fast you can wash them nightly and they have less to pack – always a good thing for their adventures, fishing trips, hunting trips, whatever.

24. Chef’s Choice Diamond Knife Sharpner $45: Does anyone else’s husband always use the best most sharpest knife available to cut everything, even really soft things like fruit?
25. J.A. Henckels International Eversharp Pro 8-Piece Steak Knife Set: Might as well have some great knives to eat your Omaha Steaks with. 

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