24 Star Spangled & Patriotic Kid-friendly Crafts

4th of July is one of my all-time favorite holidays. No need for all the glitz and glam, just the hometown basics with friends and family — camping, lounging lakeside, corn-on-the-cob, and the best-of-the-best - fireworks. With half of said friends and family not being able to keep their phone from falling into the toilet on a monthly basis while the other half is posting photos of their adorable babies all over social media, now seemed like the appropriate phase in my life for me to stick my flag solidly in “middle ground” become the fun aunt.


These 24 4th of July themed crafts and activities will be sure to help me live up to that title. Plus, if the kiddos happen to get covered in paint or that awesome slime goop, I can just give them back to their parents. #funauntwin


Now back to drying out my phone...



1 Patriotic Wand

2 Uncle Sam Mask

3 4th of July slime

4 Patriotic Paper Chain

5 TP Rockets

6 Confetti fireworks

7 Grand Ol Flag Mosaic

8 Eraser Stamped 4th of July Tshirt




9 Firecracker Slingshot

10 Salad Spinner Fireworks

11 4th of July Paper Lantern

12 4th of July Sun Catcher

13 Patriotic Paper Plate Hat

14 Sidewalk Chalk Stars

15 Patriotic Candle Holder

16 4th of July Tshirts




17. Milk Fireworks & Marbled Paper

18. Star spangled slime

19. 4th of July Hat

20. Easy Jar Candle

21. 4th of July Tissue Flag

22. Cupcake Liner Fireworks

23. Confetti Launchers

24. Tin Can Windsocks


Hope you enjoy living up to the "fun aunt" title this 4th of July!

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