23 Gift Ideas for Baby's First Christmas

These are all items I have experienced in person for either my own baby or a close friend’s baby. So I will vouch for them all!  When I say “baby” I mean I would recommend these for babies aged 6mo-18mo. None of these are listed here as part of a paid sponsorship.  I didn’t think I was going to post a gift guide this year, but several people asked me for ideas for what to get their baby for Christmas, that I thought I would whip together a little post on it and share. I know not all of these are the "hippest" or most beautiful baby toys, but sometimes you just gotta hit the easy button and give those babies the bright plastic toys with noise and lights that make them so happy! 

1. Little Tikes Activity Garden $80
This is a little on the tiny side, but Row is still really loving it. He plays in it several times a day and is just entertained by crawling in and out the door and going through the “slide” over and over. I would have paid more for it to be about 30% bigger; the “slide” is really more of a little obstacle hump Row finds a great challenge to safely crawl over.

2. Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Trick $77
No more back aches from pushing the kids in their little trikes and cars! A mom must have invented this. My mom wishes it had been around when were little. This is a classic toy that will always be fun and something that your next baby or maybe even your grand baby's could enjoy someday. Row doesn't have one, but he loves going over to his buddy Jackson's house that has one. I love that it transitions to be appropriate as the baby grows and can push the peddles themself and don't need to be pushed anymore.

3. B. Toys Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube $73
This toy says recommended for kids age 1-3, but Row started loving this when he was 5 months old and still does. I think if your baby can sit up (or will be soon) and is learning to use their hands to explore and grab things, they will love this. He loves each side! As he grew he also loves to pull himself up on it and stand and play with it. I think opening and closing the doors is his favorite activity with it so far.

4. Plan Toy Baby Wood Walker with Blocks $46
I got this at a children’s consignment store here in Silicon Valley and it has turned out to be a hit. He loves practicing his walking and playing with the blocks. The bar is adjustable for different heights and it seems like a really well made toy that will be one we keep for grandkids. Gotta love those 2-1 in one toys! 

5. Tech Grow and Discover Tree House Toy Tent $80
We already have the “activity garden” here at our house, so when I found out we would spending 3 weeks at our parents house for the holidays, I knew my busy little peanut would love a new toy to explore there. I choose this one and honestly he likes it better than the activity garden. He loves that it is covered, so it’s more like a tunnel to crawl through. He also loves it more because the front side lights up and plays music. The ball ramp on this one is also more entertaining to him than the other. He loves this one so much, but I think they are both super fun for this age and it probably just depends on the child as to which they like better.

6. Bunnies by the Bay Lovey Blanket $16
Choose from the puppy, lamb, or bunny. I have inspected in person or been given so many of these little lovey things for Row, and this line is by far the softest and cuddliest and highest quality fabric used. I shope (frequently!) in Kansas and California, and have never seen them for sale out here other than once at a little store in Capitola, Ca - but I saw them in lots of boutique children'ts stores in Mississippi while visiting my husband's family there and that's how I found out about them.

7. Bright Starts 3-in-1 Around We Go! Activity Station $70
This toy is my secret weapon. I don’t know why more moms don’t know about it. It is Row’s favorite of all his toys and all the toys at our friends’ houses.  I was at Barnes and Noble in the kid’s train area one day trying to keep him entertained when he was about 5 months old and another mom saw how active and mobile he was – wanting me to help him walk everywhere and wanting to engage with everything around him. She sat there cuddling and nursing her 7 month old for the whole 40 minutes while her toddler boys played. Finally we got to talking and she suggested Row needed this toy. Boy was she right. I am so thankful she recommended it. He loves for me to put puffs in the tray and he just runs and runs and eats his puffs and sings. When they can walk on thier own you can disconnect the chair aspect. 

8. Little Tikes Discover Sounds Sports Center $40
This is another one Row has loved since he first learned to sit up….I think that was around 5 months old? I’ve already forgot. But he still loves it. He LOVES watching the scoreboard change and it’s sound effects as we make baskets. He also loves twirling the baseball and football.  This was one of the first “big boys” toys we got him and he used it to learn to stand up by himself.

9. Fur Critter Bath Wraps $27 (sale!) Pottery Barn Baby
We recently got one of these for Row as a gift and he loves it so much he wont let it go after he gets dressed and wants to drag it around the house and cuddle with it. It feels luxuriously soft - really a steal at $27.  Name personalization available. Choose from elephant, lamb, bear, unicorn, and reindeer

10. Sherpa Stroller Blanket $40
Pink color on sale for $28! Blue and white still $40. Personalization available. This is Row and I’s favorite soft blanket for winter. One side is velvet and the other is Sherpa. It’s super thick, warm, and cuddly. He loves petting both sides. 

11. Channel Stroller Blanket Pottery Barn $40
I have been on the hunt for the softest cuddliest baby blanket since getting pregnant and so far this one is winning. He loves cuddling under it while we read books, gets a bottle, or sleeps. Comes in blue, pink, and white.  If it was bigger I would order one for myself. Its not so think and heavy that it won’t work in other seasons as well.


12. Skip Hop Zoo Light-Up Surfers $11
This is one of the more unique bath toys I’ve seen. The best part is it’s fun to play with in or out of the bath. I packed these on our recent plane trip as a new toy to play with and he is fascinated with them.

13. Munchkin Bath Fun Bubble Blower Toy $14
Another great toy that is good for in or out of the bath!

14. Playskool Explore N’ Grow Busy Ball Popper $35
This is the top rated ball popper toy on Amazon. We actually have the 2nd one, the dinosaur one, but I think this one would be better because the dinosaur one toss the balls so far out and so quickly that I’m the one chasing them down, not Row. They only stay in for about 3 seconds and then they’ve all popped out. It’s exhausting and we’ve lost all the balls. So this one seems like it would be better.

15. Baby First Photo Album: “Who Loves Baby?” $6
Row loves looking at photos of himself and his family, and now I have a way to show him the photos safely without worrying he will destroy them or break the frame they are one. I just put photos in his yesterday and he already loves it so much!

16. Santa & Me Picture Frame by Mud Pie $24
Neeed I say more? It’s just friggin adorable.  We got one and perhaps some to give as gifts too. Shhhhhhh, don’t tell.

17. My First Christmas Door Hanger Frame or Ornament $15
Here's a smaller version of the adorable christmas frame, and I love it because you can use it as an ornment each year. 

18. Where is Baby’s Christmas Present? $7 
(lift the flap board book)

Spoiler alert: baby finds the present on the last page ;) For some reason babies and toddlers just love this line of books! Maybe it's the the artist's illustrations? Is it the writing? Who knows, but they are a home run. There are about a million books out from this line of “Baby” books, and my favorite are the holiday lift the flaps. We plan on getting one for Valentine’s Day and Easter too!

19. Your Baby's First Word Will Be DaDa (by Jimmy Fallon) $5
This book is so simple I was doubtful Row would be intrested. Boy was I wrong. This was the first book he was even remotely interested and always laughs on the "oink" page. My husband says "If Row's first word is Dada you have only yourself to blame from reading him that book all the time!"

20. - 23. : Any DK Board Books that are lift-the-flap and touch-and-feel! 
Any from this line are great but here are a few we really love:

20. Christmas Peekaboo $9

22. Animals $4

23. Bedtime Peekaboo! $7


And that wraps up our Christmas round-up for babies! For more fun posts from Camp Makery, be sure to follow us on Facebook!