20 Ideas to Rock Your Bump Style on Instagram

I just have to take a moment and brag on one of our bloggers, Star, and her amazing sense of style and eye for beautiful images. I stumbled across her entire Instagram feed the other day and the way she has been documenting her first pregnancy was just so beautiful as a collection that I asked if I could share it with all our readers! I found it so inspiring, not only for bump-style fashion ideas for myself (someday!), but also for fun ways to document milestones and fun ideas on how edit pics on Instagram rather than using the same ole square over and over with the same ole Instagram filters. The only thing missing from her Instagram recap here are all of her funny captions she puts with each one! To see her full Instagram feed, go here and be sure to follow her! And to see all of Star's amazing beauty posts, go here. I'm sure after looking through this feed you will be wanting all of her tips on style, thrifting, DIYing on a dime, and general crafty merriment! I'm hoping we'll be seeing some adorable nursery DIYs soon if her latest Instagrams are any indication! 

Here's the simple yet creative and adorable way she announced the pregnancy on social media:

Star's Reccomended Image-Editing Apps:
1) Afterlight: This is her "#1 fave editing app" and is how she gets those cool shapes like the triangles and circles, and how she adds cool sun flare effects like the one in the pregnancy announcement above.
2) A Beautfiul Mess: This is another really fun photo editing app that lets you add cool text (like her images that say how many weeks along she is), custom filters, hand-drawn doodles and pretty patterns, like florals. 
3) Obaby: A great app custom designed to help you tell your beautiful baby stories with handcrafted artwork on photos to cover all your baby milestones from pregnancy to age. This is another easy way to add text to the images, documenting how many weeks you are, revealing the gender, and other classic baby sayings.

How to combine these apps with Instagram:
Just snap your pic, and then open and edit it in one of these apps, save it to your images, and then open up Instagram and select your pre-edited image. 

Star Bump Style Tip #1:
"Have fun! Just because you are growing and your body is undergoing a LOT of change...keep your personal style touches present in your outfits."

Star Bump Style Tip #2:
"Don't go overboard with buying 'maternity' clothing. For instance, I only purchased 1 pair of actual maternity shorts. 9 months sounds like a long time, but you'd be surprised how far you can stretch what you already have by using a belly band or just rotating clothing more frequently than normal."

Star Bump Style Tip #3:
"Try to shop used! I've actually thrifted a few maternity items and a few midi-skirts with stretchy waists that I've lived in lately! And that cute turqoise dress above with embroidered flowers? Yup, that was thrifted too, for just $4!" 

If you want to read more about Star's personal walk through this pregnancy, check out her personal blog, Beauty & Bows. She writes honestly and from the heart about the frusterations of wanting to do more to prepare for the baby despite being exhausted, the fears that come with every pregnancy, and how she finds peace through it all. Her blog also has lots of great fashion ideas, whether you're sporting a little baby bump or not. She is easily one of the most stylish women I know. She doesn't just follow what's trending, she truly has her own unqiue and beautiful sense of style that always inspires me. She also doesn't just occasionally have a good fashion moment - she looks this cute EVERY DAY. I'm not sure how she does it! It is her true, effortless style and just who she genuinely is. 

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