20 Amazing Ways to Wear Succulents

Until a few years ago, I had absolutely not an eence of an idea what a succulent was. In fact, it sounded like something out of my high school science class. But now I find them so crazy beautiful that I struggle with words to describe their awesomeness. Accessories are something I am totally obsessed with. When you pair the two, it gives a whole new meaning to out of this world amazing. I’m talking a whole new level of gorgeous fun; a whole new level of chic. From bracelets to boutonnieres to shoes to much more, I’ve rounded up a bunch of succulents to wear that you can’t help but be in awe.

1. Succulent Hairpiece: A lot more practicial than wearing flowers in your hair because you don't have to worry about these wilting from lack of water.

2. Succulnet Wedding Veil Circlet: This combination of succulents, airplants, and a few elegant white blooms is a winner in our book.

3. Bike Planter: Even your bike deserves to have some jewelry! 

4. Succulent Planter Necklaces: These planters are all made by an artist on Etsy and we adore pretty much everything she makes.

5. Succulent Planter Rings: Same concept as the necklace, but a ring. Great stocking stuffer idea for Christmas for your girlfriends? 

6. Succulent Purse: Now sure how practical these are, but they are GORGEOUS! 

7. Succulent Umbrella: Protect yourself from the rain with something that actually needs the water :) 

8. Succulent & Flower Wedding Gown: The artistry that went into this handmade gown is so incredible. We are swooning. The best party? The gal who made this actually wore it on her wedding day, so it's not just a show piece.

9. Succulent boutonniere: This number is a little piece of art topped with the tiniest, most adorable succulent I’ve ever seen. 

10. Succulent Lapel Pin: A wearable planter? What an adorable way to carry a plant by your heart on your day's adventures.

11. Succulent Earrings: Don't get me wrong: flowers are so my thing, but these cameos have me falling in love with itty bitty plants.

12. All Succulent Bouitneer: There's so much texture and interest here that I have to admit I am in an all out bouitneer crush.

13. Succulent Bracelet:  Okay, let's face it. What girl doesn't love a pretty bauble, especially one that is 100% sustainable? This talented artist is Susan McLeary - you MUST go check out all the amazing succulent jewelry pieces for sale in her shop here.

14. Succulent Ring: Another genius piece from Susan McLeary. 

15. Succulent Necklace: I can't beleive this is actually for sale - it's so amazing. 

16. Succulent Hair Comb: This is sure to smooth tresses in the prettiest way. You know, I am going to add it to my must-wear-next list right away. 

17. Succulent Ring & Matching Bracelet: Rings are making a comeback. In my book, they're absolutely stunning when paired with a matching bangle. Don't you think?

18. Succulent Necklace: This one was given as a gift at a shower. And the best part? You can throw it in a pot post party and have a long living memory of the day. 

19. Succlent Necklace With Pearls: Y'all know I'm mad as a hatter over pearls, so I have to say, this succulent strand is the most delightful thing I've ever laid eyes on. 

20. Succulent Shoes and Purses: This incredible plant and flower artist, Francoise Weeks, makes these for museums and charity actions. Each one is really a work of art and a collector's item.

What is the best succulent beads you have ever seen? Or better, made? Please share it with me on our Facebook page!