2 DIY Valentine's Day Cards!

My husband and I aren't big on traditional Valentine's Day gifts and celebration. If we have a gift card, we might go out for dinner or catch a movie, but that's about the extent of it. I do, however, always love a good chance to write a sincere note of love and gratitude to him, as well as to the people whose love stories have inspired and encouraged me (like my mom and dad!). So for this Valentine's Day, I made my husband and my parents special cards to convey my appreciation!


  • blank cards & envelopes (found mine at Hobby Lobby)
  • metallic gold paint
  • sponge or brush
  • a lid from a mini White Barn Candle Co candle
  • ombre paint chip sample
  • hole punch
  • Elmer's glue

Starting with the stamped card, take the lid off your mini-candle (how cute is this pattern!?). Brush a medium-thick layer of gold paint across the top of the lid and begin stamping in a diagonal direction. Each time you stamp, re-apply paint to the stamp.

Once the front of the card is filled, stamp one corner of the front of the envelope to create a coordinated look. Set aside to dry.

Now grab your hole puncher and paint chip. Begin punching lots of holes in each color section, emptying the tray filled with the dots inbetween each color. Once you've prepared your dots, use your Elmer's glue to place spots of glue across the front of your card. I chose to do a ombre pattern that was more concentrated on one corner and then lessened as I came to the diagonal corner.

For the front of the envelope place a few dots on one side or across the bottom. It creates a little 'preview' of what the card might look like!

After my stamped card was dry, I decided to add a few colorful dots to bring in some Valentine's color and make it more playful!

I'm so excited to give these cards to my loved ones on Valentine's Day!

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