15 Fabulous Ideas for Repurposing Scarves

Winter is finally upon us and if you are like me, you probably have way more scarves lying around than you will ever be able to wear in one season. Why not get creative and start using your scarves in new ways! Here are several ideas:

1. Create a photo backdrop for your next party (source):

2. Accessorize an infant photoshoot (source):

3. Tack 2 silk scarves together to create a flowy top (source):

4. Turn an oversized infinity scarf into a nursing cover (source):

5. Have a statement wall over your food table at a party (source):

6. Make a new camera strap (source):

7. Use a blue or pink scarf for a gender reveal (source):

8. Learn how to use a woven scarf to create a baby carrier, here:

9. Bring a focal point to your table scape (source):

10. Wear as a jacket (source):

11. Creat a quick on-the-go bag (source):

12. Preserve a vintage silk scarf by framing it (source):

13. Sew a few scarves together to create a custom curtain or room divider (source):

14. Keep your ears warm by doing a head wrap (source):

15. Get a bohemian vibe with the 'Cocoon Cardigan' (source):

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