12 Ideas for a Creative & Picture Perfect Nursery on a Budget

With just days to go of expecting my first baby, Ms. Flora Lee White, I thought I'd share her finished nursury with ya'll! This room in our 1920s home was a total transformation from a former bachelor pad (we're talking beer can tabs all over the floor, weird stains on the walls that wouldn't come off, and peeling wallpaper)...to this! A precious and calming environment for my sweet little girl! Lots of work went into each aspect of the room, and I'd love to share each piece, as well as my thought process for how it came together.

1. Pick a Color Scheme:
First off, I picked a color scheme that was feminine but not the traditional 'girly' pink. I landed on gray, mustard, and plum (just in time for Fall). Later on, the mint colored walls came about, which wasn't my orginal plan, but I love how they turned out (thank you to my dad for painting!) The paint color we used for the walls is Delicate Winter Melon by Glidden.
I also knew I wanted a lot of white and natural light to keep the room uncomplicated and fresh feeling, so we went with a white crib from Ikea, white blinds, curtains, and baseboards.
From there, I registered for items that fell into this color scheme and kept 'on the lookout' for items at thrift stores that would coordinate. I didn't want the room to seem too 'theme-y,' but I also wanted a sense of cohesiveness. I say mission accomplished!

2. Go thrifting!
These pillows and the floral mini-rocking chair are all vintage and were thrifted. I wanted to keep the nursery mostly modern feeling, but I'm a vintage lover through and through, so these little pieces made their way in. :) This antique vase belonged to my best friend's great great grandmother. My friend found it in her house and offered it to me for Flora's room since it matched the color scheme. It's so special! The 2 fur pieces are both from Ikea.

3. Repurpose what you already have!
Recognize these gold chargers from our 4th of July project?! I repurposed one of the chargers to display all these diapering goodies! And if you are wondering what 'bum spray' is, check out this recipe; it's for all you DIY cloth diapering mommas out there!

4. Save some major $$$ by refinishing an old or thrifted dresser for storage and a changing table:
This bold dresser might just be my favorite part of the whole room. I found this dresser in our basement, and my husband informed me that the people who owned the house previously just left it there. That means it had been sitting down there for 10+ years...totally abandoned. Since we needed storage and a changing area, I had my husband do a complete rennovation of this dresser! He hauled it upstairs, sanded it all down, and painted it this fun ombre pattern. We spray pained the hardware with gold spray paint and laquered the entire inside (it smelled a bit musty.) Now, it has new life and makes the room extra happy! Since the dresser was in need of so much repair, I decided to go BOLD and chose these fun colors. If it turned out poorly there was nothing to lose, but I'm SO glad it came out the way it did! (The paint colors from top to bottom are Palisade Orchid, Blackberry Jam, & Royal Plum by Olympic). Get the full DIY on how to repaint a dresser here.

5. Add a custom DIY touch:
The area above the glider needed a little something on the wall, so I created this wall hanging from extra fabric I already had. I simply measured out rectangles of fabric that gradually got smaller so it created a stair-step look, cut fringe up to about an inch from the top, rolled the fabric, then stitched it by hand to hold in place. From there I hot glued the tassels onto this wooden dowel and added the string! This was an inexpensive way to tie in more of the plum color.

6. Get a great Rocker:
We purchased our amazing glider/recliner from BabiesRUS. I Fell in love with this particular glider because of the great neck support, and since it reclines also, there is no need for a foot rest (which we have no room for!). And props to my AMAZING husband who created these floating bookshelves. At my last shower, guests were instructed to bring a book instead of a card, so Flora has SO many amazing books now. I can't wait to read them to her!

7. Start a children's book collection:
At my last baby shower, guests were instructed to bring a book instead of a card, so Flora has SO many amazing books now. I can't wait to read them to her! My AMAZING husband created these floating bookshelves to display all of the adorable books we recieved. This also saved floor space since it is quite a small room. Thank you to my sweet friend (who happens to be an incredible photographer), Katie Day, for sending this book, Flora & the Flamingo! How utterly perfect! I love thoughtful gifts like that!

Confession, I've sat in the glider and read most of these books! They are all too cute! Get more ideas on how to store books here.

8. Save money with DIY window treatments:
My awesome mother-in-law had these extra curtains lying arond and generously donated them to the room. I added the white bobbles and the gold ribbon ties. This a great place to save money in a nursery because curtains are so easy to DIY; you don't even have to know how to sew! Check out how to do it here. And this fun folded fabric star was thrifted for $.25!

9. Find unique storage for toys:
This tiered basket display was found at 1/2 price at Hobby Lobby for $15. I was excited to have a place to store all the cute stuffed animals we recieved, as well as a few other toys. There are so many cute ways to store toys than just a toy bin. See some here

10. Add a focal point above the Crib:
This precious banner was made by my sister to hang at my baby shower. I loved it so much I decided to hang it above the crib! You can make one yourself or order one from Etsy.

11. Adorable Bedding:
And this quilt was made by my mother-in-law. It has that crazy soft minky material on the back; it's amazing! The nursery bedding is from
Land of Nod.

12. Show off your gifts!
Another sweet gift, this adorable stuffed animal with a floral crown, came from my photographer friend, Ali! I was happy to give it a special place in the nursery!

And the cute pink sock monkey was given to me by my sister-in-law; it used to belong to my niece!

Thank you for letting me share our nursery with you! I'm still giddy with how it all turned out, and honestly, it didn't cost too much to makeover this room. If you are looking to prepare a perfect nursery on a dime, I hope you've found some inspiration here! My advice would be to start gathering meaningful and useful items as soon as you know the gender or as soon as you have a 'vision' for what you want it to look like.
Now I just have to wait for my sweet Flora to arrive, and I will give her the official tour! :)

All photos by Jessica Noelle Photography.

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