10 Gifts Ideas for a Mama Expecting Baby Number Two (or Three!)

Coming from the Deep South where southern hospitality and proper etiquette reign, there are some things that just aren’t acceptable. I grew up where having a shower for the second baby just wasn’t done. You have one shower for your first-born child- end of story. But it is becoming more socially acceptable to have a “sprinkle” for the second or even the third child. Even Emily Post, Mrs. Manners herself, has come around to changing of times and says a second shower is ok, just small and for close friends and family. So being pregnant with my third baby girl, a shower didn’t seem at all proper, but some of my girlfriends wanted to celebrate the baby. At first, as one who doesn’t like being in the spotlight anyway, I told them no, no shower for this Momma-to-be. But then I realized, shower, “sprinkle” or luncheon whatever the title may be, it’s a good reason to get together. Motherhood can be lonely, my village wanted to surround me and get together to celebrate. We look for reasons to be together to celebrate like birthdays, sporting events, or holidays. So by all means lets get together to celebrate life, not in the sense of my baby must have new things with an entitled attitude, but as a way of bringing girlfriends together to rejoice in another miracle of life. Gift giving is just a way people show that they want to share in the excitement of a new baby. If you ever find yourself asking the question, what should I get a mom-to-be that already has kids, here are some suggestions…

To the mom who already has all the gear, clothes, and necessities:

1. The Gift of Relaxation

Parenting can be stressful and demanding on both parents, especially for a mom who is pregnant while taking care of the children she already has. Your body doesn’t know to take a break from nausea, fatigue, and swelling because you are busy chasing, carrying, and investing in other little lives not just the new one growing. So the chance to relax is definitely a gift.

2. The Gift of Pampering

A manicure or pedicure is a terrific way to make a little momma feel pampered and beautiful because lets face it pregnancy is NOT the time when you feel pampered or beautiful usually.

3. The Gift of a Get-A-Away

Stealing time away with your hubby is refreshing. What better way to usher in a new baby than with a mom and dad who are reconnected with each other after a weekend get-a-way.

4. The Gift of Conversation

A girls night-yes, please. I said it earlier but its worth reiterating, motherhood can be lonely. Sometimes I feel as though my vocabulary diminishes for lack of adult conversation. Girls need other girls to talk to about nothing and everything. My husband just doesn’t get “it” and his word limit for the day is already maxed out by the time he walks in the door, and mine isn’t even half way exhausted. Bring on a girls night where the conversation flows freely.

5. The Gift of Personalization

Being from the south this is a must - monogramming. It’s just so cute and unique.   

6. The Gift of Inclusion

A little present for the other kids always goes over really well. Having another baby is a BIG change especially for the siblings, so remembering the siblings when everyone else ooooohs and aaaaaaahs over the baby is greatly appreciated.

7. The Gift of Time

Literally, the gift of time- a watch. I’m throwing this in here, because this was a gift I was given and I its one of my absolute favorite gifts.  I didn’t even know how badly I needed a watch; I have a phone… right?? My day revolves around time. What time did she eat, when did she wake up?? It’s a constant thing in life of a baby, needing to know the time.

8. The Gift of Diapering

Babies go through lots of diapers, especially in the beginning. So whether its disposable or cloth a few more diapers will always come in handy. Go ahead and stock the diapering bin.

9. The Gift of Food

After the little one arrives its common (and desperately needed) for friends to drop off some food and take a peak at the baby, but what about a meal before the BIG day. I had a dear friend graciously do this for me, and I had no idea at the time, but it was the last night we spent together as a family of four and I thoroughly soaked up every last minute of that evening because of the extra time a prepped meal provided.

10. The Gift of Friendship

The one who can be the shoulder for you to cry on when the day has been rough or the one who gets just as excited as you do when your baby takes her first steps into your arms or the one you call when it’s the middle of the night and she doesn’t know who else to call because the baby is still crying, or throwing up, or fill in the blank.

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So tell us campers, what gifts have you gotten that are must to share with others for moms-to-be that already have kids? Share with us on facebook.